I've always just wanted to do a really cliched high school story. So ah, enjoy what was created because of a random dream I had. I'm looking forward to this. xD edit: Lol, realised I screwed up and uploaded the wrong prologue first time around. Here's the true one!

My best friend didn't even seem to notice that I was wearing a skirt.

Which is actually pretty normal since my best friend is actually a guy. He wasn't a girl who was going to start squealing about how cute it was. But still, this was my best friend. This was Cale. He noticed anything in a skirt, he was a leg man. So why didn't he notice me in a skirt especially when I rarely ever did?

I felt like the cliché of clichés. Falling in love with your best friend is so beyond pathetic. Especially since this story was never going to end like the cute ones in novels. He wasn't going to suddenly have an epiphany and realise that he was head over heels in love with me. I was destined to constantly stare at his back and marvel over the way his hair, his eyes, his everything was so damn perfect.

I couldn't even hate him for not noticing my legs. All because he was staring happily at me, blubbering on about cars and the latest Die Hard movie. Because I'm meant to be the best friend. That's what I'm here for, not to be noticed as his latest and last love interest.

"Did you do the history homework?"

"Yes I did. And no, Cale, you can't copy it. For god's sake, just do it yourself for once. It's not that hard."

"Come on, Flick. I had soccer practice last night!"


"Flickyyyyyy." He knew how to draw out my name just enough to make it annoying yet endearing.


"I didn't have time last night! After soccer, I had to do a grocery run for mom. Come on, you saw me pull out of the driveway. And don't you deny it, I saw your curtains move. And after that, the brat wanted to play cards and you know how I can't resist bambi eyes. Flick. Flick Flick Flick. Feliciiiity."

"Fine! But this is the last time!" I flung my history papers at him, leaving it to him to pick them up before I stormed off to the library.

I don't want to be in love with him anymore. Unfortunately, it just seems to be one of those things you can't switch off.