Just once more, you pleaded.
To take a glimpse of him, you needed.
And words you haven't said, you wanted.
Yet once more doesn't exist, you heard.

He's gone—gone forever!
Were you going to dwell on his death
and keep those memories close
until you eventually melt away?

You know, it's too late for regrets.
What you didn't say, and do,
all cannot be changed because
he's already gone!

The pain overwhelms,
the feeling of emptiness echoes,
when he's gone to a place
you know you can never reach.

Your tears drip down once more,
but no matter how long you cry,
nothing's going to change.
He's gone, and your pleads…

No one's going to hear,
and your 'once more',
is never going to come true.
Because, well, he's gone, isn't he?