"If you don't remove your hand from my ass, I will kick your balls."

The hand on my butt slowly retracted as I turned around. Ryan looked fearful for his life as I advanced, giving him a smile.

"-Ow- oof- Jesus-" he slid down to the floor, clutching his man-parts. "I fucking removed my hand!" he howled up to me.

"Shut up or I'll do it again," I glared.

He shut up after that.

Beside me, Corey gave a low whistle. "Glad I didn't try that."

"I'll do more than kick your balls for what you did. You're the reason we're even stuck in this stupid place!" I folded my arms across my chest.

"This is not a stupid place," the janitor wheezed from his corner.

"Yes it is," Corey, Ryan and I said at the same time.

"I'm stuck with a bunch of losers," Tiara said, sounding aghast, giving a snobbish 'ugh'. "I so have to get out of here."

"Now that's just inviting for a nice slap," I muttered.

"Anger management much?" she gave me another snobbish look.

I calmly flipped her the middle finger. Corey chuckled, a low sound.

"You are such an angry person, young lady," the janitor observed.

"Don't cross her, old man," Ryan said from the floor.

"Who are you calling an old-" the janitor burst into a series of wheezing coughs, and Ryan rolled his eyes in a 'need I say more' way. Tiara gave a click of her tongue, and pulled out a mirror from her pocket. Corey chuckled again.

Gah, I should probably explain. Okay, back to this morning. Wait, on a second thought— back to when Corey Hearst transferred to this school a week ago. OK, no, wait— back to the night before he started his first day at Victoria High.

. . . A/N : As cliche as it is, to be continued. Thoughts? Comments? You know what to do.