A-N I wanted to try this type of poem, I love the idea of words popping off in the middle. I also apologize for this poem, I feel like its missing something but idk what.

My life is a hard journey

and your gray smiles

they bring me so much joy

comforting me when I cry

whispering of better times

Of a lifetime-ago

when I lived in a far off land

of gray stars and yellows valleys

with pink rain and violet doves

It was my own special universe

forever guided by your light gentle hands

it was a dream of happiness and mysteries

one that I swore I would never forget

Its as if you can read my mind

just like I read yours

you're afraid of something

so you disappear

leaving me only one promise


someday very soon I'll see you again

before the world changes to much

before I forget that you were my life

my reason to love the gray mountains that dominated the sky

you were the yellow rainbow

you kept me warm

I was cold without you

no longer gray

and I just can't see how I'll forget

that you were the one that pulled me through

all these years

And I promised you I'd never forget you through the blackness

as my memory fades and I grow old with age

I promise you I'll never forget your sweet face

but that never happened

and as the bridge I stand upon snaps

I fall fast asleep

and I can feel you as I start to die

and I realize something

maybe Its better to forget

Because If I remembered you


I would never die

I would climb until nothing was possible

making something out out nothing

desperately overtaken by blackness

and your sweet voice lovable voice would only fuel my madness