Notes: This was an assignment done a long time ago. The idea was to make up the mythology of how something came to be. I chose the moon and this is what resulted.

The Coming of the Moon

There was a woman that could catch any man's eye. She had raven black hair and lips of the deepest red. Her eyes were like those of an owl, both wise and innocent. Her name was Selene.

She walked the streets by day, and by night, she danced in the forest meadow. One day, a man happened along one of her midnight revelries. He was immediately enticed by her beauty. The woman herself became curious about this strange man. He was built strong and sturdy with thick brown curls atop his head and a clean-shaven face. His eyes sparkled like those of an eagle.

As he stood at the edge of the ring of trees and watched her, she began to walk towards him. The white linen dress she wore made her appear as if a ghost among the tall grass. She lifted her hand and waved him to come. He hesitated at first and then when she gave him the richest smile he had ever seen, he went to her.

The two of them fell in love.

Now, there was another man, his name was Karas and he too was in love with the beautiful woman named Selene. Only, she did not love him in turn. Karas became angered by this strange man, who's name he did not know--the jealousy burning deep within his heart. He watched these two closely until one night he followed them to the secret forest meadow.

As he watched them dance among the stars, his mood grew darker until he could stand it no more. He pulled his hunting knife out from the sheath that lay against his chest and dashed into the pale moonlit clearing.

Selene and her lover paused to stare at Karas, puzzled until the light glinted off the blade. Her favorite one pushed her behind him, showing a sign of protection. The man with the knife gritted his teeth and growled as he brought his weapon to the front of him.

The next few things to happen were a blur as Karas ran at the couple. Selene, upset that these men would be fighting over her, reached out a hand to stop the running man. But he was so blinded by his rage and jealousy that he didn't notice his prize pushing the unnamed one to the side.

But he did feel the blade sink into the solid flesh it thirsted for.

Wide, innocent eyes met Karas' clearing vision of impure emotions. Surprise crossed his face and he took a faltering step back, reclaiming his knife as he did so. Selene, her eyes closing against the pain, fell towards the ground. Her lover caught her in his arms before her back could touch the fine grasses of the meadow.

With a weakened hand, she lifted it to trace the wet track of one of his tears and whispered his name as the light left her eyes, "Endymion…"

Endymion bowed his head against his loved one, ignoring the running steps of Karas as the killer fled. It was only as he pulled her closer to him and lifted his head to look at her face once more that he realized her skin glowed softly.

Softly… like moonlight.

As he watched more in wonderment, he felt the texture of her body fade from his arms and into more pale glowing light. It rose and swelled above him, climbing into the sky, passed the trees and into the scattered starlit sky.

Endymion's hand was held up towards this pale beauty forming a circle high above him. It was then that he felt his heart was no longer sad, but content, for a goddess had touched him.