screaming down the telephone,
it is so easy to forget
the receiver doesn't care
for fear-filled messages of desperation.

bloody red cracks in eyes of glassy beauty,
it is a futile urgency as you sit rigid
"tap" replied the keyboard, non-responsive,
inanimate and useless
as everyone you had faith in.

the person you are calling is not available at the moment
please hang up and try again.
'I'm not here right now; I'll get back to you when I can'
the idle never check their answer phones,
even if they did- their casserole is more important than
an hour of need.

there isn't a superhero
who would summon enough concern,
no rescue party to pull you out of treacle.
it is your mess to get out of.
you are alone as the walls come closing in;
such a threat is too remote to any 'friend'.

remember, in all your struggles,
those unanswered pleas will return
to haunt their waking zombie state and