Chapter 1

Alyncai frowned as she stared at the map. Her long hair fell in front of her face, and she absently brushed it behind her ears, and continued to examine the map. She noticed Jadzia watching her with what seemed to be an astonishing amount of dislike. Alyncai shifted uncomfortably, and moved away from the map. Jadzia was the one person was against Alyncai's every action. This was due to Jadzia's own past, as well as Alyncai's current state. Jadzia had been a vampire hunter before joining Zephyr's group, and as such did not remotely trust Alyncai, who was in fact a vampire. Ever since Jadzia had first seen Alyncai, her instinct had been to kill her. This was prevented because of Zephyr, who was in charge, but Jadzia still held a great amount of distrust (maybe even hatred) for vampires in general.

Unusually enough, there was in fact another vampire in the group, but he was physically a few years older than Alyncai, and for some reason Jadzia directed all her animosity towards Alyncai. From what she could tell, Jadzia trusted Leander more because they had known each other for a little while, in Zephyr's group, while Alyncai had only recently been taken in. And even then, she was only still in the group at Zephyr's insistence, and Leander's constant reassurances that Jadzia wasn't going to kill her. A reassurance Alyncai didn't fully believe, resulting in uneasiness on Alyncai's part.

At this moment, they were looking over the schematics of a warehouse building which they were going to try and steal something from. It was their group's purpose to do whatever they could to fight against what could be called an enormous dictatorship over the entire world. Zephyr had lost his parents, he never said exactly how, and was now an orphan, with the rest of his family having been killed when the dictatorship first rose to power. Jadzia came from a family of vampire hunters, and Leander...he never shared his past or how he became a vampire, or even how he had met Zephyr and how they had started the group. All three of the other group members did know how Alyncai came to be the group however, since she was the most recent addition, and it wasn't a forgettable meeting.

Alyncai still felt frightened whenever she thought of the conditions she had been in at the time, and sometimes when she tried to sleep at night, she had terrifying nightmares about it.

Before she had become a part of the group, she had been captured by an extension of the dictatorship, and had been detained in…a research facility. While she had been inside, she had been the subject of various experiments and painful tests, which had occurred both due to the scientists' desire to understand vampires (for reasons she couldn't understand) and due to her own refusal to assist them of her own free will. When the group had found her, Alyncai had been in a dangerous state. Not dangerous in the way of rampaging on people (which she wouldn't have done no matter what the condition), but dangerous as in close to either death or a mental breakdown.

The group had stormed into the compound, attempting to gain information on what the purpose of the facility was. They had been looking for an open computer to use when they had burst into the lab where Alyncai was, currently being examined by three scientists (with two security guards nearby). They had come in, seen Alyncai (who had been trapped inside a large cage) surrounded by the scientists, who had been holding clipboards, examining the effects of Alyncai's food withdrawal.

Zephyr, the leader of the group, who was nineteen like she was (essentially), had seen her in this situation, and he had ordered his group to knock out the scientists and guards and free her. As soon as she had been set free from her cage however, Jadzia had seen Alyncai's eyes, and had immediately attempted to attack her.

Alyncai's eyes were the giveaway for her condition. He eyes were a strange pale silver color, which was the eye color of any person who was a vampire. Her canine teeth were also a little longer and much sharper than an ordinary person's teeth, but the most noticeable feature was the eyes.

So when Jadzia had seen Alyncai looking around at them with pale silver eyes, her first thought had been to kill her. This action was stopped by Zephyr, who had wanted to ask Alyncai about herself. How old she was, how she had been captured, how long she had been captured for, and other things like that. Alyncai had shared as much as she felt comfortable telling, and even then she spoke in a shaky and uneven voice, for she was exhausted, sleep deprived, starving, and in the presence of a vampire killer.

Once she had finished explaining (as well as she could at the moment anyhow) Zephyr had decided to take her with them, a decision that had caused an outburst from Jadzia.

"She's a vampire, Zephyr!"

"So am I" Leander had commented quietly.

"That's different! We know you!" she glanced at Alyncai "We don't know anything about this person! For all we know, this could be some sort of trap to get a spy into our group!"

"And they just torture their spies until they plant them, do they?"

Jadzia turned back to Zephyr " Come on, Zephyr! You know how dangerous taking someone like this can be!"

Zephyr was looking intently at Alyncai, who had sat down on the floor, leaning against a wall. She had looked up at him, her expression fearful, but also slightly hopeful.

In the present, Alyncai shook her head slightly to clear her thoughts. This wasn't the time for reminiscing. They were planning out a raid on a warehouse. And she'd be needed to go ahead and scout the perimeter.

"Alyncai" Zephyr turning to her "We'll need you to do a perimeter check. Find us a definite way in"

She nodded. It was one of her usual tasks whenever they had to investigate or raid a warehouse or compound. Jadzia glanced at Alyncai mistrustfully, despite the fact that she had never once given them faulty information.

"Well then" Zephyr said " Let's get going"

--8:45 at night. Guarded warehouse.

Alyncai crept along silently, keeping an eye on the guards by the gates. She moved along until she reached a spot that seemed to be out of view for the guards, as well as the main warehouse building and the small buildings nearby. She narrowed her eyes and noticed a complete lack of cameras outside the buildings. Not surprising really. They only put up security cameras in really high-priority facilities.

She looked around one more time to be sure, and then snuck away, returning to the others to report.

"I found a place where we can get in without being spotted" she whispered as she reached them.

Jadzia looked Alyncai over. "You didn't encounter any problems?"

Alyncai shook her head "No. I avoided any confrontations." She looked uncertainly at Zephyr "Would you like for me to show you the entry point I found?"

He nodded and gestured for her to lead.

She turned back around and began making her way carefully back towards the spot she found. Soon Leander had come up to walk with her.

"You're getting better at this" he commented.

"Better at what? Scouting for you guys, or putting up with Jadzia's suspicions?"He laughed quietly "Both."Alyncai sighed. "I wouldn't hurt anyone. You know that. You can tell"

He looked at her in sympathy as he heard the plaintive note in her voice "Yes, I can tell. But she can't. You have to remember. She's a regular person. And she used to be a vampire hunter"

"Was she good at it?" Alyncai asked.

"At what?"

"Killing vampires. Was she any good?"

"I've never asked her"



"Nothing. Never mind. I just-" she paused for a moment and tilted her head slightly. Then she frowned slightly and glanced over her shoulder. "Jadzia's being loud again" she noted irritably.

"How loud? By human standards?" Leander asked, worried. He tilted his own head, hearing Jadzia's voice as well.

"Loud enough." Alyncai raised her head again, this time looking over at the guards by the gate, who they were going to have to scurry around in a moment.

"Tell them to be quiet!" Alyncai said urgently, a note of fear in her voice. "We'll get caught!"

Leander could sense the panic Alyncai had in relation to the idea of being captured, and spun around quickly to intercept Jadzia and Zephyr who were a short distance behind them.

"You two need to keep it down. We're going to get caught!"

Zephyr murmured something, resulting in an outburst from Jadzia.

"I don't care if she says so! Since when should I trust her?!"

"You trust me don't you?" Leander asked, frustrated.

"Yes" Jadzia answered.

"Well, I trust her. Now, be quiet! Save your little spat for when we get back. Unless you want to get caught"

During this entire interchange, Alyncai was remaining perfectly still, like a jungle cat waiting to pounce. She closed her eyes for a short moment, hoping that Zephyr had convinced Jadzia to hold her tongue for just a little while longer.

Leander returned a few moments later.

"Jadzia won't be noisy anymore" he reassured her.

Alyncai gave a slight nod, still feeling very edgy.

They continued on in silence until they had reached the spot Alyncai had picked out for an entry point. It was a chain link fence spot, out of sight of all the guards, and Zephyr drew out his wire clippers and within five minutes had cut a gap into the fencing that allowed them to pass through.

Within half an hour, they had reached a position relatively near the center of the building they had infiltrated, and they had encountered no resistance at all; they hadn't even come across a single guard (mostly due to Alyncai and Leander's good perception of their surroundings). They had even managed to get some information from some abandoned computers in a room that looked as though it had been evacuated recently. They were going down an empty hallway when suddenly a faint clicking sound could be heard. Alyncai felt suddenly uneasy, and had an urge to turn and run.

Jadzia noticed this sudden change in her condition "Not thinking of ditching us, are you?"

Alyncai shook her head, but remained completely still aside from that.

"What's wrong?" Zephyr asked. Leander tilted his head slightly, and then shot a worried look at Alyncai, who nodded.

Jadzia noticed the look. "What is it? What's wrong?"

Alyncai swallowed. "Um….I might have an idea. But I'm not sure. I think we should keep going a little longer….."

"What is it you think might be going on?" Zephyr asked, frowning.

"Um….." she looked to Leander for help.

"For the moment, we should just proceed to our destination."

Zephyr nodded. "Let's hurry then"

They moved forward, with Alyncai and Leander exchanging worried looks.

The little group progressed onward, but when they reached another spot in the hallway about ten yards from where they'd previously been, Alyncai and Leander finally pinpointed their uneasy feelings.

"Get down!" Leander yelled, yanking Zephyr down with him, as Alyncai pulled Jadzia down. The hallway seemed to start shaking, and dust from the ceiling fell down.

"What's going on?" Jadzia asked, raising her voice over the rumbling sound.

"They must've rigged this place!" Alyncai shouted.

"It's exploding?!" Jadzia shrieked.

Alyncai nodded, and then pulled Jadzia with her and Leander led them out, Zephyr in tow.

They flat out ran from the building, and not once did Leander and Alyncai let go of their human companions, therefore guaranteeing their absolute safety as they fled the collapsing building.

Once they had finally returned to the outside air, they sprinted to a spot a good distance away from the building, and watched as the final explosives detonating. It appeared that the final ones were the most potent and had most likely been set in highly flammable places, for when they went, the entire building erupted like a volcano and began spewing flames. It was some time before they all regained their breath and were able to talk again.

"How…how did you two know it was rigged to explode?" Zephyr asked, still panting slightly from being dragged at a full tilt run behind Leander.

Alyncai looked at Leander. He sighed. "We have enhanced senses, you know that."

"Did you hear the explosives counting down or something then?" Jadzia asked frowning, her apparent dislike for Alyncai masked by her curiosity.

Leander shook his head slightly. "Not really. It wasn't really any sound from the bombs that gave it away…"

"What was it then?"

Leander glanced at Alyncai, who bit her lip.

"It was the complete absence of people" she said eventually. "We couldn't hear any people, anywhere, so we were confused for a while."

"There's no way to prevent us from hearing that there are other people around, you see" Leander continued. "When Alyncai and I noticed that there wasn't a single person anywhere in the facility, we could tell something was wrong. After a little thought, we finally figured out that there were explosives rigged."

Jadzia looked over at Alyncai, who was still clearly exhausted from the effort of helping them to escape from the condemned building. Jadzia had slightly puzzled look on her face.

"Did it take a lot of strength?" she asked suddenly "To get us out of there? I mean, you practically dragged us out of there"

Leander looked over at Alyncai, who was now blushing slightly. He could tell she was embarrassed. And he also knew from just knowing her that she was too modest to admit how much stronger than a normal human she was. He sighed and gave a small smile.

"I could tell you, but why don't you ask Alyncai once we get back to base? We shouldn't linger here too long; we might get caught" He glanced over at Alyncai again, who had paled at the mention of being taken prisoner. Jadzia also noticed this reaction, for a moment something like surprise flitted across her face, before she rose to her feet.

"Well, we'd better go then" she said, pulling her hair out of her face.

Alyncai stood up as well. Her gaze flickered up to the bright moon in the sky. A cool breeze blew as the others stood up and they began making their way silently back towards their base. Perhaps she'd found a place where she belonged after all.