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Alyncai sat in the front passenger seat of a station wagon feeling decidedly forlorn. She and her friends had spent the last eight days looking for cars in the hopes that they could use one to get to Rhyveil. Jadzia and Zephyr paired up to search, while Leander and Alyncai looked on their own, being more capable of defending themselves on their own than the humans.

This was the twelfth car Alyncai had found, and aside from the fact it was a battered station wagon covered in rust spots, it was most definitely not drivable due to a definite lack of keys. Anywhere.

She'd checked the glove box, the compartments in the middle, up in the mirrors on the roof, the ashtray, even under the floor mats. Nothing.

She was sorely tempted to just sit here on the fraying polyester seats until the sun went down, but knew she couldn't do that, that she had to get up, and go look for another car. Again.

She sighed. Her friends weren't having any better luck than she was. Leander, like her, was able to find more cars because he too could cover more ground than Zephyr or Jadzia. But out of the nine cars he'd come across, only four of them had been in any shape to drive, and those had lacked the necessary keys.

Jadzia had found two cars, one with its tires slashed, another with all its windows smashed in. Zephyr had found four cars, one of which had given them hope when he'd found a key ring in the glove box. Unfortunately, none of the keys went to the car, and their hopes were dashed.

Alyncai kicked the door open and slid out unhappily, She had a momentary urge to pummel the car for being thoroughly unhelpful, but decided against it. Wasting energy on turning a car into scrap metal was unwise at best and she knew it.

Standing on the side of a random road in one of the few suburbia-esque areas, she looked around. The homes were all empty. No one would mind a needy person breaking in for a good cause, would they? No one would even know.

She walked over to the closest house, and went around the side to a door leading into the garage. She tried the doorknob. It rattled but didn't open.

"Locked." she said, her tone making it almost a curse word.

She stopped over, and lifted the doormat. A key caught the sun's light and winked up at her.

"There." she said, feeling a bit better. "That's how humans are supposed to hide their keys."

She grabbed the key, ignoring the grime and dirt on it from being under a mat from who knew how long, and unlocked the door.

She entered the garage, and closed the door behind her, not worrying over letting her eyes adjust. A benefit of being a finely tuned predator was that her eyes could adapt to just about any lighting. A half-second after she closed the door, her vision adjusted so she could see in the gloom. She make out a tool bench, and some cabinets. And sitting squarely in the middle: a covered car.

She grinned. Tucking the garage key into her pocket as a memento, she grabbed the edge of the car cover and yanked on it. Tossing it aside, she looked at the car admiringly.

"You're beautiful." she said, eyes sparkling.

In front of her was a glossy red sports car, complete with a racing stripe. She recognized it as a NuJewel X7, a car that had been instantly popular but extremely expensive a century ago.

She went over to the driver's side door, and peered in. It didn't even look like anyone had ever driven it. "You weren't given enough love, darling." she told the car. "But no worries. I can fix that." She carefully opened the door, and slid into the driver's seat. Looking around, she happily inhaled the new car smell, which had somehow maintained its existence for a hundred years. She popped open the glove box, and the keys clattered down.

"This is wonderful." She said, ecstatic. "This is perfect."

She grabbed the keys, and started the car. It roared to life, and then became more subdued, purring.

"Oh, you're perfect." She said, rubbing her hands on the steering wheel. "Now, to open to the garage door so I can get you out of here." She exited the car, letting it idle to warm up the engine, and looked around for a button to lift the garage door. She found one near a door she assumed led into the kitchen. She hit the button, and the door started to lift.

She clapped her hands, feeling downright giddy, and dashed back to the car, sliding in easily and shutting the door after her. She looked over the dash and checked the parking brake while waiting for the garage door to rise. She even buckled her seatbelt and adjusted her mirrors.

Then she floored it.

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