"There's no way I'd ever be with you, not unless I was missing like 50 brain cells and common sense."

"Well I guess that's why you always ask me for help with your homework and I mean you do always dye your hair every week!"

"Indie, I don't know why I waste my time on you."

"Because you love me."

"No! I hate you; I hate you so much I just wish you'd go away."

"Illi since when did you become such a bad liar?"

"And who says I'm lying?"

"I do. You love me, and you want to be with me."

"Now who's the one lying?"

"Still not me. You know you deserve better than Thatcher!"

"And what, you're better?"

"I'm better than him but certainly not what's best."

"If you're not what's best for me then why in the world you think that I love you?!"

"Because you do love me! You have to-"

"I'm a much better liar than you think Indiana."

"I'm a much better boyfriend than you think Illinois."

I let out a sigh, and smile. Oh Illinois Hendrickson, I could never forget about her. All throughout high school she had multitudes of hair colors. Back when we had that conversation her had this insane layer of rainbow colored hair. I used to call her my bird of paradise.

"Hey, Indie!"

"Jack!" I call out as he approaches me. We man hug and give each other's backs a hearty pat.

"How's it going?"

"Concussed." I half smile and rub a little bit above my temple. A nasty bruise is left from where I got hit.

"Obviously." He grins sloppily, "It was all over the newsstands. Indiana Smith, youngest member of the Yankees and one of the youngest in the league, concussed only a month before the beginning of the season!" For dramatic effect he holds his hands up as if he was reading a headline.

"I'm sure you clipped my bed-ridden picture out of the newspaper to put on your wall." I roll my eyes.

"Well you know, of course you're like the Justin Bieber of baseball!" He feigns, "Now let's go pick up your luggage eh?"

"Eh? Since when were you Canadian." I snort.

"Since you became a Yankee."

"It's really too bad the Hendricks has always been a Rod Sox family." I snap my fingers.

"Well, except Illi, she's always been a Yankee girl."

"I wonder why," I grin.

Jack Hendrickson and Illinois Hendrickson are cousins but they might as well be brother and sister. I met Jack when I was six and he was seven; we were on the same FPYC kiddie soccer team. We've been really close friends ever since, even after I 'betrayed' him and gave baseball a try. Of course I fell in love with playing baseball and more in love with watching it ever since.

It's kind of surreal now though that I'm playing in the major leagues.

It's been a year now since I was drafted and became a pitcher for the Yankees. Playing last season was amazing compared to playing for Arizona State. I mean, college ball isn't bad but God there's nothing like the feeling of finally being exactly where I want to be. It's been my dream to be in the major leagues since I was eight.

But now with a concussion I have to do my best to recover so I'm heading back home to NOVA to rest. It's seriously the most frustrating thing. The season is starting and I'm not allowed to play, practice or even pick up a baseball. Fuck I'm not even allowed to run- Hell I can barely even run anyway because I get nauseous and get light headed.

Which I mean, gives me the perfect opportunity to visit my sweet little Illi, I mean she's on her way to becoming a neurosurgeon after all.

"So what it's been five years since you last talked to Illi?" Jack asks as we stroll through the park.


"Technically?" He looks at me skeptically.

"Okay, I'd call her but she'd never pick up. And sometimes I'd call her just because I knew she wouldn't pick up." I admit.

"Why?" He gives me this weird look.

"Because I know I'd hear her voice whether she picked up or not." I shrug.

"You're such a sap." Jack pinches my cheek and I swat it away.

"Hey, hey you might damage my brain."

"Lame. So how about we-"

"Uncle Jack!" A little boy runs over and hugs Jack's legs.

"Hey Morgan," He laughs, "Meet my friend Indiana."

"Hey buddy." I chuckle.

"Hey! Isn't that a state?"

"Yeah, but you can call my Indie. You can even call me Twenty-One if you'd like."

"Hrm…" The cute little boy thinks it over, he's got light brown hair and some freckles along with really bright light green eyes. And a nose so very familiar.

"What's your last name?" He asks me.


"I'll call you Smithy! Is that okay?" He looks up at me with his big eyes and my heart melts.

"Sure thing."

"Hey! Your name is a state like my Momma's name."

"Your Momma?"

"Yeah, she's real pretty."

"I bet. She's probably the prettiest person in the world." I look up at Jack and he gives me a knowing look.

"She is!" He gets all happy, "You should meet Momma, I think she'd like you."


"Yeah, sometimes I don't think she likes-"


I look around for the all too familiar voice.

"Morgan! You can't just go running through the woods without telling me- Jack! I knew it-" Illi's eyes land on my face and her jaw drops, causing me to grin like an idiot. Until I see her hand intertwined with Thatcher Johnson's.

That son of a bitch. Wait no, that's mean, Thatcher's mom is a nice lady. Actually the whole Johnson family is pretty cool, it's just Thatcher that's repulsive.

"Oh no." She looks exhausted and repulsed, of course but somewhere I see some happiness.

"Nice to see you again sweetheart." I give her a trying smile.

"You know Momma?" Morgan looks up at me and grabs my hand.

"Yeah I know your Momma." I say gently.

"Morgan, sweetie-" Illi starts.

"My eyes look like your eyes." Morgan interrupts, "You have pretty eyes."

I laugh, "So since I have pretty eyes, you have pretty eyes."

"Yeah!" He beams, God he's so cute. Jack laughs and picks Morgan up.

"Couldn't you have warned me Jack?" Illi groans, I really didn't want to see him again."

"Illi." I say.

She glares at me looks away ignoring my presence.

"You can't ignore me forever Illi sweetheart."

"Um who do you think you are calling her sweetheart?" Thatcher finally speaks now.

"Um Indiana Smith." I retort.

I look at Illinois who avoids eye contact, "Can we please talk?"

"Nope. Come on Morgan baby, let's go home."

"Awww." He pouts, "Can I talk to Smithy again? I like him, he's smart."

"Ummm…" Illi looks perplexed.

"Yeah! Of course, you, me and Smithy can hang out next week okay bud?" Jack interjects.

"Yay! Bye bye!" He jumps out of Jack's arms and runs over to his Momma.

"We'll talk later." Illi points to Jack and leaves. Aww what a cute family picture. Not. Like Hell that's cute, I mean without Thatcher sure, but he just totally ruins it.

"Why in the world are they still dating?" I ask repulsed.

"They're not," Jack says.

"So why are-"

"They're married."

Me and Illi didn't always fight before. We got along pretty well, we fought teasingly the majority of the time and when we did fight it'd usually blow over after like an hour. Of course we did have a couple of serious long lasting fights.

I mean, isn't that how it's like for most friends anyway? We've been friends for years, since seventh grade and our friendship had its up s and downs. Some years we barely talked at all and some we were inseparable.

But of course things got…complicated.

I fell in love with her. And honestly I've never been in love before and I doubt I'll be in love after Illi.

I used to kind of friends with Thatcher, he was in my gym class both years and we said hi on occasions, and talked on even fewer occasions.

It was around our sophomore year when I started to really like Illi. That's when I started to realize I loved everything about her. Even the bad things or the annoying things maybe me happy. It was weird you know?

She could be screeching and yelling down the hallway and I'd think it was cute. She could be pissed off at me and complaining about her period and I'd still think it was okay.

Illinois Hendrickson defined my perfect female. And even if she refuses to talk to me, has a son, is married and probably hates me she's still perfect and I'm going to be with her.

"So how's Cole?" Jack asks, sipping on his coffee. Morgan is dancing around the little coffee shop on the stage. Ah Jammin' Java, how I've missed you.

"Good, he's dating this weird chick though. But hey he goes to NYU." I shrug.

"True, true. Why didn't he come down to visit?"

"Can you believe it, Cole is finally getting serious about his master's degree."

"Cole? Mr.'I don't give a damn about education'?"

"Yeah, it surprised me too. I think that girl is helping him get serious. She's weird but she's helping him." I shrug again and fold my napkin, "So when did they get married?"

"About a year ago. They broke up for a bit but I don't really know the details but somehow they ended up together. FYI, Thatcher isn't Morgan's real dad. Morgan knows it but Thatcher doesn't."

"What?" I choke a bit on my saliva.

"Yeah…" He tenses up a bit.

"So who's his real dad?" I practically feel the vein popping out of my neck.

"You have to ask Illi for that. She likes to be secretive." He gives me an apologetic look.

"Obviously, but how the Hell am I supposed to find out if she refuses to talk to me?"

"She'll talk to you eventually."

"Eventually isn't soon enough."

"Well…" He thinks for a bit, "Make her talk to you."

"What am I supposed to do, kidnap her?"

"Something like that." Jack laughs.

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