Where are those hands,
in which you said would be there
when I need someone to hold?
It's not there.

Where are those shoulders,
in which you said would be there,
when I need a shoulder to cry on?
Not there.

And where is your heart,
which you said you'd give to me,
and forever it would stay, with me?
Seems like it ran away.

To someone you thought more worthy,
to someone fairer and ladylike.
Someone who I couldn't hold a candle to—
is that where everything went to?

I shouldn't have listened,
to your fake promises and sweet nothings,
for in the end those words—mere words—
means nothing, just memories.

Yes, just pure memories
in which would reflect upon as I stare
into the crystal blue river that flows.
You're not here anymore, are you?

Now you belong
to someone unlike me.
Now you're gone to a place where you
and your beloved are there to stay.

Leaving me behind, to grieve, to dwell
in the past and words you left behind,
that you would give me everything.
Everything, including the hurt?

The picture you and I
took together on our first day,
the once naïve me,
now slowly fading away.