One day he promised her an escape
and that was that.

She had no idea what he meant but
she was content to sit in the passenger seat
breathing the beats that flowed from his surround-sound
and making fun of his sunglasses.

And when they ran out of gas on the winding dirt road
they had no choice but to laugh
unpacking his tent he so conveniently slipped into the backseat.
Happy to induce forest fires
and stare at the stars.

He said to her, "Did you know that your eyes,
are the same color as the place where the ocean meets the sky."
and she couldn't help but wonder if he meant
that her eyes were supposed to be like eternity
until she realized he was only talking about the color blue
so she focused entirely on burning his marshmallow to perfection.

During an ice-cold sunrise, he curled closer and put his arm around her shoulder
confessing to her in guilty tones,
"I have a gas can in the back."
so she walked to his trunk and unlocked it,
poured the entire can on the meager fire, and resumed her seat.

"I just had to watch something explode,"
she whispered into his ear.