Those eyes—those mockingly deceiving eyes—just kept on smirking, laughing hysterically at me. It continued to haunt me as I ran, and ran away on the road in which the spot light shines on me, and my shadow decapitated from me. I was alone, and only I was there. My shadow was gone, the spot light continues to shine, and those big, red and yellow eyes were mocking me.

A maniac, sadistic laughter sounded out, I turned around, looking up, down, left and right, and yet nobody was there. That laughter continued to grow louder, louder, and louder until I covered my ears in pain as I squatted down on the floor, almost curling like a ball. I rested my head on my knees that were seemly cold. The light faded, and all that's left is those eyes and me. One red and one yellow. Cursed, was it? But such a beautiful, wonderful, and gorgeous color can't possibly be a curse, could it? And that yellow eye, like a golden phoenix as it almost sparkles.

And yet those were the eyes that continued to haunt me for eternity. Getting up from my curling position, I ran, and ran, once more! Wherever I went, those eyes followed, like clothes. Clothes that you wore, that you would never leave home without. Almost stalker-like, those eyes! Please, just please; leave me alone, will you? It laughed at my pitiful state almost sarcastically. How long would you like to see me suffer?

It's all because of love, you declared proudly, as though it's something beautiful—wanting to showcase it. You love through pain, anguish and sorrow. Seeing someone hurt and unable to pick themselves up, you're happy, because that's how you love. But love? No, it's more like you were loving yourself. You don't love me. You lied, treacherous, lecherous villain—how heartless and remorseless you are! You smile to see me in pain.

You smile to see my smile vanish and transform into a saddened and pained frown. It's plastered on my face, this frown—and forever it will stay, for it's like a deep scar, once scarred, forever it will never disappear. Even if you try to hide it, like how you fake an obviously fake smile, it's no use. And your sadistic grin as you see me fall; break. Despicable beast! Have you no shame?

No, please, no. Please go away now. Enough with these haunts. Enough with these grins and smirks that are far too sadistic! Sarcasm— all seemly to be underneath the base of your voice. And heart. Heart? No, such are for people who actually love and care. And in your case, of course, you do not deserve even the slightest drop of the red, warm liquid that runs. Love, and what contains it, would always be the heart. You don't have one. You're a coldhearted beast; creature, that would always search for a prey to stalk. Until the last sheep starts to fall—extinct, will you finally wake up? I shall tell you: I doubt so.