Marcellous used his spare hand to cover his eyes as he and Ryo emerged from the cave.

"What took you so long?" Richard asked saddling one of the two horses outside.

"We were throwing a party, what do you think we were doing." Ryo barked shooting Richard one of this infamous death glares.

"At any rate," Richard started ignoring the smart remark. "King Leon is sending me on another mission."

"Nieto Ka Loan, brother," Ryo said with a nod.

"Nieto Ka Loan…" Richard replied mounting one of the horses and galloping away.

"W-Wait for me, I'm coming too!" Kira yelled racing after Richard on the other horse.

Ryo and Marcellous watched as the two rode over the hills disappearing on a low dipped hill.

"We should get going too." Ryo grumbled motioning his friend to follow.

Even though Marcellous and Ryo were rivals, they were the only two that got along within the Black Knights. Marcellous being the rookie of the Knights was teamed-up with Ryo after multiple assassination attempts from Richard, his cousin and Kira, his ex-lover.

"Do you think King Leon will recruit more members for the Black Knights?" Marcellous asked stumbling over uprooted vines.

"Probably." Ryo replied in monotone.

"I think it would be pretty awesome to become a big organization like the Royal Dragoons." Marcellous continued.

"I see." Ryo replied once again with no emotion.

"Ryo can I ask you a question?" Marcellous asked with wonder in his voice.

"Besides the one you just asked?"

"Never mind…" Marcellous sighed, his wonder squelched.

They travelled in silence until Ryo stopped at a small clearing and surveyed the surroundings.

"This looks like a promising place to camp." Ryo finally said breaking the silence.

Marcellous collapsed dropping the body on a soft bush. The more he traveled with Ryo the more he understood how a Knight in the army felt when marching several hours without food, water or time to rest.

The dark of night devoured the sun taking the light and heat along with it as Ryo struck a fire.

"Rumor has it that Leon has been pooling resources together for a massive draft," Ryo mumbled sitting near the small campfire. "I have also seen large orders of white armor coming through the service gate at the dead of night."

Marcellous contemplated why King Leon would be sneaking armor, let alone white armor, into the castle.

"I believe it has something to do with our ultimate and final targets…Ace and Alice Arick."