There's no need to stress.
Just do your best.
And walk away,
From all the pain.

Forget the fact,
That it's a graded piece.
And fill the lack,
From you and this feat.

Don't stress about it,
Just stress it.
This little thing,
That shines like a ring.
Embrace it,
And let it grow,
To let everyone know,
How far you could go.

Don't carry this burden,
It's too much for you.
You're not the Verdun,
Fate's not black and blue.

I hope that you realize,
Before you cram your life,
Anxiety and fear,
Aren't the only things offered here.

It feels like a waste land,
When you're off by yourself,
Studying in the corner,
Ruining your precious health.

I want to tell you,
That you do not have to,
But you'd chaise me off you,
Because of my tattoo.

Don't be so judgemental,
I'm just trying to help,
But when this thing get's physical,
That's when you'd start to yelp.

Don't say I didn't tell you,
Because I did.
Don't say it was my fault.
It was your bid.

I don't actually have a tattoo. But if I did it'd probably be of the sun. A bit boring maybe? I wouldn't want one of a skull though... This is actually to one of my friends (if you read the summary you'd know...) :)