The Vamp Room;

The Online Chat Room For Vampires and Their Awaiting Prey

A/N: I am not basing this off of any real chat room that I have ever heard of or been in. Just wanted to clarify so no one gets upset with me for some copyright reason or something! If there is a problem just message me and I'll fix it ASAP. Thanks.


I grabbed a cigarette out of the pack on my desk then reached for my lighter. As I lit my cigarette I watched the screen on my laptop slowly load. I puffed out a cloud of smoke then rolled the cig between my index finger and thumb slowly as the title on the webpage came into view.

The Vamp Room.

My mouth twisted into a small scowl as I read the title. "'The Vamp Room'?" I asked aloud. No one answered. I wasn't really expecting anyone to answer. After all, It was just me sitting alone in the cramped little apartment my mother and I shared. She was out at work and wouldn't be back until nine or ten o'clock. She had a job as a cashier at a local market. It was the only job she was able to get because of her poor qualifications.

She dropped out of high school at fifteen when she found out she was pregnant with me. Once I was born her parents kicked her out and she was moving from place to place before protective services threatened to take me away if she didn't clean up her act…fast. She'd had a fling with the owner of the small market (who was nearly three times her age might I add) and he agreed to give her a job in exchange for weekly (or daily, depending) " special services". The owner of the market passed away almost five years ago and since then his son has been running the business and has yet to ask my mother for any "special services" and that is how we ended up where we are today; living in a mini apartment, almost flat broke, with no hope for either of our futures.

I drummed my fingers on the keyboard of my laptop anxiously, contemplating whether or not to enter the chat. I read the page carefully.

Welcome to The Vamp Room, a safe, online chat room for vampires and their awaiting prey. All that is needed is a username and password of your choice then you are granted complete access to the site and all it offers, no questions asked. Enter if you dare.

Username: _______________

Password: _______________

I snorted then began to type in a username. It seemed like a total scam but what the hell. You only live once, right? I furrowed my brows and thought. I didn't want to put in something stupid like 'vampiregirlxoxo101'. A small smile made it's way onto my face as I settled on a name. 'WhatAScam95'. I pressed tab then typed in an easy to remember password. I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding and pressed 'Enter'.

The screen changed. The new one looked exactly like the old except there were a bunch of different tabs going across the screen in a vertical row and in the top right hand corner; 'Welcome, WhatAScam95!' With a small icon directly below it. The icon was an envelope which I assumed was for any mail people might send me, though I doubted anyone would send me anything.

I moved my mouse to the tab that read 'Chat' and clicked on it. The screen changed once again and there was a large, white rectangular box. The box soon became filled with different usernames and those usernames just kept on multiplying. There were sentences after each username but I was way too overwhelmed to read any of the sentences. Each time a new username with a sentence would appear, I would hear what sounded like a bubble popping.

I inhaled then blew out another puff of smoke. I glanced over at the side of the screen and saw;

'Chats About;






-Darkness vs. Light

-Turnings and Transformations


-How To Become A Donor


General was highlighted and I realized that meant that, that was the particular chat I was in. I bit my lip hard then put out my cigarette in the ashtray beside me. 'Well this was a total waste of my time.' I thought to myself as I yawned, becoming increasingly bored with this whole thing.

I began clicking on all of the different chat sections and finally made it back to general, completely unsatisfied with the lot of posers I had uncovered. All of their usernames were something like 'Bloodsucker500' or 'xXyOuRvAmPlOvErXx' or even 'SonOfDracula" (and yes, I actually SAW these 100% fake names with my own two eyes). I sighed, frustrated, then ran a hand through my golden, pixie cut, soft hair. My eyes closed and a sigh escaped my lips once again.

As I took a deep breath in an effort to prevent the piercing headache I could feel coming on, I heard the obnoxious bubble popping sound. My eyes shot open and I glared down at the screen. It read;

'XMarksTheSpot invites you to a private chat.



I brought my index finger to my lip and began to chew on the nail slowly, a nasty habit, I know, but it's my mechanism for calming myself down. I glanced over at the clock on my nightstand. In an illuminated green it read; 5:57 PM. I relaxed slightly at the reassurance from the clock that Mom wouldn't be home for another three hours or so. She would kill me if she knew I were in a chat room, let alone a chat room for vampires. She used to tell me that chat rooms were places where predators hunted their prey, namely young children to be lured out and raped or killed. The thought of myself being mutilated by some type of psychopath kept me away from computers and chat rooms for a long, long time. Only in recent years had I gotten back on my laptop and started exploring again.

I turned back to my laptop screen and read the request again. Chewing on my nail harder, I reached with my other hand and moved the onscreen arrow/mouse over towards the 'Accept?'. I pressed it and waited for something to happen. My heart began to pound faster and harder within my chest. The thumping soon began to ring in my ears. Just when I thought my nerves would break and my nail would become a complete stub, the bubble popping noise sounded again. A small version of the box I had first seen in the 'General' section appeared and with it the username of the person who had invited me to this chat and a lone word;

XMarksTheSpot: Hi.

I switched to chewing on my bottom lip so my fingers could be free to type a reply.

WhatAScam95: Hey.

I waited.

XMarksTheSpot: How are you?

WhatAScam95: Fine and you?

XMarksTheSpot: Wonderful, thanks.

I waited, again. What was I supposed to say exactly? 'Wow…this is more boring than before. Blah..blah..blah..' I thought. As if the person I was speaking to could hear what I was thinking they said;

XMarksTheSpot: Am I boring you?

WhatAScam95: No, of course not. What would make you say that?

XMarksTheSpot: Just a feeling.

I rolled my eyes at the screen and the same words kept repeating over and over in my head. Poser. Fake. Liar. Poser. Fake. Liar.

XMarksTheSpot: Do you believe in vampires?

I thought about this for a moment.

WhatAScam95: I suppose so. That's why I logged onto this thing, to find a vampire. That and because I was bored out of my mind. Lol.

XMarksTheSpot: Ha ha.

XMarksTheSpot: Male or female?

WhatAScam95: Um. Female. You?

XMarksTheSpot: Male. How old are you?

WhatAScam95: What are you some kind of pedophile or something? Why do you need to know my age??

XMarksTheSpot: NO! Why would you even ask that? And I guess I really don't need to know your age. I was just wondering…I'm sorry…

WhatAScam95: It's fine. Hmm…how old are YOU?

XMarksTheSpot: Why should I tell you my age if you don't tell me yours?

WhatAScam95: Okay, fair enough. So what's your name?

XMarksTheSpot: Xavier, you?

WhatAScam95: Ah, I see. That explains the whole 'XMarksTheSpot' thing. X for Xavier. And my name's Andy.

XMarksTheSpot: Andy? A nickname for a longer name?

WhatAScam95: Nope. My name's just Andy, it's not short for anything.

XMarksTheSpot: Well it's very nice to meet you, Andy. J

WhatAScam95: You too, Xavier. J

XMarksTheSpot: Can I ask you a question? And I'm not implying anything, I swear, cross my heart and hope to die.

WhatAScam95: Yeah, shoot.

XMarksTheSpot: Um…are you in love? Do you have a boyfriend? Or a girlfriend…?

WhatAScam95: *gasp* that's three questions! But the answer is no for all of them.

I smiled slightly to myself. I couldn't explain how or what I was feeling. I just felt so comfortable with him, so drawn to him. He made me feel almost safe in a way as strange as that may seem.

XMarksTheSpot: Oh, good. I feel relieved…

WhatAScam95: I thought you said you weren't implying anything?

XMarksTheSpot: I didn't mean to. I guess…I don't know…I guess I'm starting to really like you. J

I instinctively moved away from the screen a bit. How could he say he thinks he's starting to really like me when he barely knows me? Before I could reply he said;

XMarksTheSpot: I know you probably feel like 'How can he like me when we barely know each other' but I feel a really strong pull towards you. Almost, supernatural in a way. You feel it too, don't you?

I couldn't stop myself from replying;

WhatAScam95: Yes, I feel it too.

XMarksTheSpot: Yay! Will you do me the honor and be mine, Andy? Just mine? Pretty please?

I felt as though I couldn't control my fingers, I couldn't control anything.

WhatAScam95: Yes. I'll be yours, just yours, Xavier.

XMarksTheSpot: Fantastic! I'll begin planning the wedding immediately!

I felt a blush creep up on my cheeks but at the same time my heart seemed to stop. Wait. I'm his now? Wedding? What?! What the fuck?!?

I couldn't reply. With trembling fingers I snatched a cigarette and lit it up. I brushed my bangs away from my eyes and inhaled then puffed out a very large cloud of smoke. I heard the lock in the front door beginning to turn and my heart went into complete overdrive. Mom? Now? But it was only -I looked at the clock- 8:45 PM. How could that be possible? It didn't feel like we were talking for more than ten minutes. I jumped out of my chair and crushed the cig into the ashtray. I jogged over to the window and pried it open then desperately tried to push all the cigarette smoke outside. Mom didn't give a shit if I smoked, she just didn't want me smoking in the apartment.

I grabbed the two cigarettes I had smoked that afternoon and ran into the bathroom, throwing them into the toilet and flushing them down. What happened if they got stuck or something? I wondered, but the thought was in the very back of my mind. All I could think about at the moment was the psycho I met at the goddamn internet, this whole wedding thing (which made no freaking sense at all) and the fact that my mother was walking towards my room where fresh smoke was still lingering.

Without even sitting in my chair I began to type again but much faster than before.

WhatAScam95: Listen to me. I don't know what the hell you're talking about. But we are NOT getting married. I don't even know you! So forget it. Goodbye.

And with that I logged off and snapped the laptop shut right as Mom walked in. I turned quickly to face her.

"What were you doing?" She asked as she narrowed her eyes at me. She began to sniff the air then made her mouth turn down in a disgusted frown.

"Jesus, Andy. Were you smoking in the house again?"

I shook my head feverishly but made not a sound. I heard her scoff then she sighed heavily and walked away from my room.

"Make your own dinner. Have whatever you want, I don't care." She hissed as she walked into her bedroom and slammed the door shut.

I fell back onto my bed and screamed, loudly.

Everything was wrong and nothing I did ever made anything better.