I shoved my key into the deadbolt and turned it quickly as I thought of nothing more than going inside and taking a nice, long nap. The door made a strained sound as if it were telling me it was tired of being open and closed so many times. I leaned against it slightly and pushed, no luck. I sighed. It was common for this door to become jammed, even the landlord told us when we moved in. I backed up slightly then rammed against it with my shoulder and the door immediately swung wide open.

With a grunt I trudged inside, being sure to slam the door behind me. I marched right into my room and flung my bag to the ground then sat on the edge of my bed, breathing out an exasperated sigh. I had, had quite a shitty day if I do say so myself.

I was desperately searching for someone to depend on, someone to love with all my heart who would love me back with all of theirs. I decided I would ask this guy (deemed a "loner" by most everyone in school) who I figured would at least agree to go to a movie with me or get some coffee. Anyway, I asked him and he told me he was dating so and so. It didn't bother me so much that he had rejected me that way but when I asked the girl he was supposedly dating if it was true she screeched and almost had a fit.

"Eww! Absolutely not!!" she had shouted at me. That was when I really felt horrible. Not only had the guy rejected me, but he also lied to me. I loathe liars.

I kicked off my converse then crawled farther up onto my bed so I was able to curl my entire body on the three pillows I kept for myself by the headboard. My hands and knees instinctively retracted against my chest.

"Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to marry a vampire…" I whispered into the silence as my thoughts traveled back to my chat with that Xavier fellow the day before. "Maybe it would be my ticket out of here…" I whispered again. Somewhere in my mind I knew I was being delusional…but it seemed to make sense as well.

My breathing was heavy and slightly ragged as I swerved in and out of consciousness. Strange images, voices and colors passed through my mind. A nine year old me whined and fussed as I tried to pull the bubblegum I had so stupidly gotten stuck in my hair out. A rejected, young teenaged me cried rivers alone in the park just minutes from our apartment when the boy I surrendered every waking moment to kissed my best friend at a party during a game of seven minutes in heaven. Vivid greens and blues smothered every picture inside my head. Mom's harsh voice screamed at me that we were far too consumed in debt to afford socks without holes.

I became fully conscious and aware when I heard what sounded like lonely, sorrowful moaning coming from outside of my window. I slowly made my way off my bed and shuffled towards the window. I pushed it open and stuck my head outside. I gazed below me, above me, to the right and left of me. Nothing.

"Just the wind," I said to myself. Leaving the window open, I walked over to my desk and grabbed a cigarette out of the pack. It took me a few minutes to find my lighter but once I did it was only a matter of seconds before I was inhaling and puffing out smoke. I sat in the comfortable chair that rested in front of my desk. I signed into my laptop and casually checked my email then signed onto The Vamp Room, not exactly knowing what to expect. Inhaling deeply, I searched through the different categories just like I had yesterday. As I exhaled, the bubble popping sound rang through the apartment clearly and I stared suspiciously at the screen.

'XMarksTheSpot invites you to a private chat.



What was this guy doing? Was he waiting for me or something? I sighed tiredly then pressed 'Accept?' just like I had yesterday. A grim laugh flew out of my mouth. Perhaps someone truly did think about and want, but for all I knew they were some psycho sitting in a dark room with all the windows shut and locked hoping to find and maim me someday. The bubble popping noise could be heard seconds after I clicked accept.

XMarksTheSpot: I'm so sorry.

WhatAScam95: For what?

XMarksTheSpot: For asking you to be only mine and wanting us to get married. I came across way too strong and I realize that now. I'm sorry. I think I was just so excited someone actually liked me I couldn't help myself.

I read the message. 'Why wouldn't someone like you?' I thought. 'What's your issue, huh, Xavier? What makes you so unappealing to others?'

WhatAScam95: Oh. Well. It's okay. Just don't be so…spontaneous like that anymore. You really caught me off guard. I had no clue what to do.

XMarksTheSpot: Ah, I see. Alright. I won't. :]

WhatAScam95: :]

XMarksTheSpot: Would you consider meeting me? Like for real?

WhatAScam95: Um…I'm not sure. Why?

XMarksTheSpot: I just feel super drawn to you. I'd really like to meet you, if that's okay.

'Uh oh. Bad sign, Andy, BAD SIGN!' A voice somewhere inside me screamed. 'What would your mother say if she found out you were planning to meet some stranger you met online???' 'She won't find out.' I countered. 'Oh, and why not?' 'Because no one's going to tell her.' And with those final words I shushed the rational voice inside my head and began typing my reply.

WhatAScam95: Hmm. Alright. But I pick the location, date and time.

XMarksTheSpot: Fair enough.

WhatAScam95: The bench in Central Park, this Saturday, noon.

XMarksTheSpot: Which bench?? There's nearly a hundred at that park.

WhatAScam95: If you're really so drawn to me, you'll know which one.

Before he could reply I logged off of The Vamp Room then shut down my computer. Without realizing it, sometime during Xavier and my conversation I had crushed the cig I was smoking in the ashtray beside me. I grabbed yet another cigarette and lit it. My knees curled up to my chest and I closed my eyes, thoroughly enjoying my smoke and the silence that surrounded me.

A small hint of panic concerning this Saturday was roaming around inside of me but I forcefully shoved it back into the very depths of my mind. I wanted to seem nonchalant about the whole meeting-a-guy-I-just-met-online thing but it wasn't really working. As I smoked, I wondered about Xavier. Was he tall or short? Thin or fat? Ugly or attractive? What color hair did he have? Would he actually like me?

I tried to imagine him thinking the same things about me. I withdrew the cigarette from my mouth, exhaled then whispered;

"God, if you're listening, please let everything be okay on Saturday."