It's like gravity,

The way you're pulling me.

You are my poetry.

I can close my eyes and see

The future where we're happy,

Where you're with me….


Dreaming of happily ever after,

Twinkling eyes and sound of laughter.

Secret smiles.

Roses in piles.

Oh I day dream about all the sappy things.

Sometimes I fly in the sky flapping my wings.

And I know most of the things can never happen in reality.

But I don't mind, as long as you keep pulling me like gravity.

Your gravitational field

Has broken through my shield.

They say the closer, more the pull.

So if I believe in Newton's rule,

That means I'm one step closer to

Finally meeting you,

Finding something true,

Eternal yet new.

Twinkling smiles and sound of laughter.

My happily ever after…


It seems like time is by our side.

I'm waiting for the ride.

It feels like destiny has decided that our paths will collide.

You'll plunge into my life like the high tide.

My longing's getting hard to hide.

I'm already ready for the ride….


In my dreams, my fingers latch on to your hand.

I see rings on our fingers and I understand

That I'm dreaming again,

About lazy winter and energetic rain,

And long walks during autumn amidst the trees.

Summer would bring evening driving sprees.

And I know I'll see most of these only with my eyes closed.

These only happen in movies and are posed.

But any moment with you would be just as beautiful.

Every moment I feel your gravitational pull.

As I dream of twinkling eyes and sound of laughter.

My happily ever after…


I wanna make you mine.

My heart is on the line.

But I know you won't crush it, so that's fine.

I'm waiting for our fingers to brush,

For that first rush

Of all the emotions I read about in that book.

I'm waiting for the first look.

I'm waiting for the promises you will make

And all my breaths that you will take.

The heart beats that you'll make me skip

As my barriers will begin to slip.

I really wanna see

Whether things like these happen only in a movie.

Because if that is true

Then why do I feel like I'm being pulled to you?

To something true?

Eternal but new?


Baby all my life, I've made a lot of mistakes.

I've felt my ground shake.

And I've learnt that my only peace is when I think of you.

Something so magically true.

Eternal yet new.

Yes I know I'm repeating what I'm saying.

But that's my way of playing.

I can't find new words to rhyme

Because I keep thinking about you all the time!

But doesn't this repetition emphasize how I feel?

Can't you see that this is real?

These days I'm smiling in my dreams and singing "catch me" in the shower.

Dreaming of a white picket fence and a garden full of flowers.

Dreaming of twinkling eyes and sound of laughter.

Of you- my happily ever after.

I feel your gravity, you're not too far.

You're my happily ever after.

Let's drive far away, get a car.

You're my happily ever after.

You've got me smiling right now, like a child with a cookie jar.

You're my happily ever after.

I love you, whoever you are.

You're my happily ever after.

You're my happily ever after…..

A/N: I know what you'll say "lacks rhythm, meter, blah blah blah blah", I got it :P When I write from the heart, I don't think of all that :P