If you really do love me,
like I hope to believe so you do,
then please don't just keep quiet—
show that you actually do.

If you really want to love me,
and yet these walls of law block you,
then show it in a way I would understand.
I understand that you care.

You are a person who is rather complicating,
someone I don't understand at all,
and the ways you show affection—
took me some time to understand it.

However hard it may seem,
and no matter how troublesome I am,
if you really do love me,
then tell me of your love one day.

I'd be waiting here,
be it a dull day filled with thunderstorm,
or a bright sunny day that creates joy.
I'll always be there for you to tell me.

So please, come to me and tell
of all your love left untold!
I might not tell you how I feel myself.
And if I don't, it means I hope you will.