I've never asked you to change
the way you looked outside,
but you did anyway,
and I did not mind it at all.

Though I have to admit,
that for once I thought
if you stayed the way you were,
I would love you more.

So, so totally wrong of me.
What mattered was the insides,
not what was outside, and true enough…
I was still deeply in love with you.

People say you look weird now,
and they say you're ugly.
But I think you're the most
beautiful woman in this universe.

Why was I oblivious to the truth?
That you were still you,
and that nothing has changed
except for the outside?

Haven't I loved you
for who you were deep inside,
not how you looked outside?
But now, this fool has realized it.

Foolish me—I now realized my love.
And I know that you are
definitely someone I can love.
Even if you'd never love me back.