*Sister Dearest...*

Sister dearest, I treasure you so,
The way how you always seem to glow.
You and I have a friendship like no other,
and I wish of it forever, although it may smother me
in embarrassment and annoyance, which will send me steaming.
Don't pay attention though, I'm really beaming.

Sister dearest, don't ever change,
I'll love you forever, just stay the same.
Although we swear, and although we brawl,
you've gotta remember the times when we have a ball.
We have such laughs, and we're there for each other,
we have so many memories, one after the other.

Sister dearest, you're always there,
Whenever I need you, you pull up a chair.
Whenever you need me, I'll follow along.
Whenever you're alone, I know you can be strong.
Whenever I have a problem, you're there to hug.
Whenever someone hurts you, I'll be the thug.

Sister dearest, I may be young,
But I'll still be here if you get stung.
If you need some help, and you want a talk,
I'm here for you, I won't walk.
I'm your little sis, your BFFL,
I won't leave you, please don't dwell.

Sister dearest, I love you so,
if it hasn't been clear enough, now you know.
I'm here for you sis, don't you believe it?
Because seriously sis, I don't think we'll ever split.
So sister dearest, believe me when I say,
I'll love you by the mother-load, each and every day....


For Rebecca, my epic sister, and my inspiration to writing, I love you to bits Bex xx