I told you how I felt, and you ignored me

You pushed me aside like a boring shirt at a store.

Every time I set eyes on you, pain engulfs my heart

You tore out my soul and ripped my heart in two

Now another girl has replaced me with you

You look at her the way you used to look at me.

You talk to her the way you used to talk to me

But it's no longer my turn to be friends with you,

The friendship has been passed on to the next girl you saw.

I've tried to talk to you just as friends, but you ignore it

You have taken my heart and severed it with a knife,

A knife that just keeps stabbing me with every encounter.

I wish I could hate you, and forget you,

But I know that I can't

So I'll just have to live with the pain,

The regrets,

And the sorrow,

Because I can't take it back now.

And even if I could, I'm not sure if I would because I do love you

And still do.