The Omni Improv

The last living souls on earth were in a crowded room

They were surviving on the prospect of each other's pending doom

They were zoning out to Zion, they were lost inside the lore

They were pardoning the preacher, who they'd all kicked out the door

That was when the noise began, and shook the solid ground

Not a one could find the source or way to silence such a sound

It was shattering the shutters. It was pounding on the door.

It was tearing at the tiles until it ate away the floor.

The souls all fell into the well of black it left behind

Where they stumbled onto stationary, where they wandered blind

They were crying out for colors, they were calling for the cure

They were wedged between the window pane of alloy and allure

And when their eyes adjusted to the hollow of their hole

They could see their vast expanse under an exponential glow

It was bubbling with belligerence, it boiling over bluffs

It was spitting out the feathers of ten thousand years of fluff

Then the sound followed them underground and turned into a voice

It rose and filled the valley, it gave them little choice

It said 'listen now to what I say. I am the tome of truth

I am the shepherd of the strayed flock, the sayer of the sooth

And I've come to tell you infidels, you models of the mold

You parishers of prophets, you gardeners of gold

A message I will give to all who claimed they knew 'unknown'

Hell is a place that we create when we are all alone.'

A/N: Some of this forms a semi-coherent thought. The rest is just gibberish that I thought sounded cool at 3 in the morning. I hope it's not too weird. Leave a review and let me know what you think. I will most likely return the favor.