Hey guys! It's River-chan! Yep, I'm just one half of Eve's Apples. I'm the violent one who's obsessed with anything Japanese, including manga and anime. I'm even fluent in it ;). Anyways, I've had this idea in my head for a while. A lot of people in the world are cheated on...but what happens if Kami was cheated on? O.o Talk about end of the world. Well, anyways, this is technically in my head how Good and Evil came to be. They were originally in love...

Bathed in Sin

Summary: Junsei is being prepared to be Kami's mate when he awakes. During Kami's year long sleep, when she sees Ashi, she finds out what love truly is. But their love is forbidden. After all, how could the Embodiment of Innocence be with the Embodiment of Sin?

I'll admit that my full summary makes no sense, even to me, so go ahead and skip it XD

FULL SUMMARY: As told by the Prophet of the Universe, on a certain date both Kami and his counterpart, the devil, would find love. Of course, as was true with Kami and the devil (Good; Bad. Male; Female.) their new lovers would be the opposite of each other. Kami-samma's lover would be the living Embodiment of Innocence. (A veeeeeery beautiful but oblivious female. WOOOOH, GIRL POWER! ;D) While Devil-samma's lover would be the Embodiment of Sin. (A very sexy, sinful male ^_^ *swoon*). But one day when Junsei accidentally wanders too far she comes to the Rift of the Universe (the border of Heaven and Hell), where she stumbles across Ashi.

Wow that was very confusing. Heh heh. Anyways, welcome to the prologue. You could skip this and wait for me to update and post Chapter One, but this would give you more insight on the four main characters (Kami-samma, Devil-samma, Junsei-chan, and Ashi-san) Btw, Sight isn't adding -samma or any honorfic on the ends of anyone's names because she knows them too well. Another btw, if I capitalize It then it's talking about the Universe.

Bathed In Sin


Most of you probably believe that Kami rules the world. Well you're wrong. Faith, religion or not this is fact. After all, why would a dead woman lie? Ha. Lie. Get it? Oh, whatever, you try hearing voices for millenniums. Jokes keep you sane. Anyways, my name is Sight. I am the Prophet of the Universe. The Universe is the ruler of itself, I just interpret it's desires and wishes. The two gifted by the Universe to help manage its vast domain are Kami, one of the first beings, and Devil, the one who dared to defy It.

Over the kept length known as time the Universe has noticed how within it's domain all the creatures of life have paired together. Maybe that's where the idea originated. But who could know, not even I know the reasons behind the Universe's actions.

Rolling the dice of fate, the Universe, created two beings from its own blood. The only creatures created from the sacred liquid were the original angels and the animals of earth. Everything else formed on its own. The two beings were sent down to live amongst the humans until the time of their deaths. Ironically, on Earth the female was called Yin, while on the other side of the world the male was called Yang.

Yin was created from the purest part of the Universe's soul, dubbing her as the Embodiment of Innocence. She was a sight, the most beautiful female ever born. Her entire form belonged in a black and white film, the only thing kissed by color was her lips. Long pure white hair hung to her waist, always in a braid or ringlets, contrasting greatly with her dark black eyes. She was beautiful, innocent. To say the truth her body was most likely the only sinful thing about her. Ripe breasts swollen with itself, a slim stomach, curved hips, soft skin, and a round backside. But it was her obliviousness to her beauty that made her innocent. Yin was the kindest being that had ever graced the soil of Earth. In the end, it was that same kindness that did her in. While walking down the streets of Tokyo one night she saw three men in an alleyway hitting a little girl. She managed to help the girl get away but as for her... She was their plaything for a little while before they killed her.

Yang was created differently than Yin. He was made from the dark portion of the Universe's soul, labeling him as the Embodiment of Sin. He was beyond handsome, his beauty putting the word to shame. Ink black hair flowed to his ears, falling to the base of his neck in the back. Those mischievous eyes that were always calculating were the color of liquid silver—not a gray but actually shimmering silver. His lean muscles were enough to make anyone drool, and certain parts of his body could turn any gay man or woman straight, and leave virgins crying for more. Yang was well known for leaving a trail of broken heart and popped cherries behind him. Not only that but there were no friends for him, only allies. His manipulative personality stayed locked behind his charming persona and he only coaxed it out when he saw a situation with the potential to be amusing. He had everything. Money, power, women, status, and anything else he could ever want. But similar to Yin, his ways would be the end of him. One night his current lover LieLa came and began to pleasure him like she always did. Only in the end she pulled out a gun and finished him off before he could finish.

The Universe, the Creator, took them in itself and drew both of their souls deeper within itself until It gently laid Yin, whose Soul-Name (Universe given name) was Junsei,in Kami's palace. Then stretching it pushed deeper within itself, deeper than most had ever gone, and there it laid Yang, who's Soul-Name was Ashi, in the midst of Devil's domain.

Now you know who Yin/Junsei and Yang/Ashi is. Are you bored yet? Well, I hope not. Because you're not done with me just yet.

Kami is one of the purest lifeforms living on the Universe's flesh. Devil is one of the most sinful.

Kami was created by an accident on the Universe's part. He originally began as a single thought voiced within It, startling the Universe. In a desperate attempt to find the source of the sudden noise within itself the Universe began folding in on itself. And as it did that, more things were created within it. The planets. The stars. The souls. All of it.

When it finally found Kami, it came upon him cautiously, frightened of its own creation. It watched the hominid silently, taking note of the blonde hair that flowed to his shoulders, the smooth skin that covered his strange body, and the bed of feathers it was encased in. Then, fingers upon hand twitched, and Kami opened his eyes. Those dark green eyes blinked before his creator, taking in the starry sight and the billions of planets that covered the vast space.

Eventually the Universe created a place within itself in which Kami could rest. This place is what most people refer to as Heaven.

After a while the Universe noticed all the new things that It had accidentally created while it was searching for the origin of the stray thought. It had never had responsibilities before so it decided that It would attempt to make more of Kami's kind so that they could oversee it's creations.

The Universe succeeded and in celebration tried to create a new kind of being, there came the animals and bacteria which It scattered throughout itself where they would take root on different planets.

Soon Humans, Trivas, and Kais began to develop, springing up in places. And the Universe quickly caught on to the odd emotions and actions the beings displayed. They laced their words with aggression, and yet they were intelligent lifeforms, bathed in sin. Around the same time as the birth of the humans Kami began to act strangely. His usually soft voice grew darker and darker and his kind ways began to become more rash and less kind.

The Universe had become attached to Kami, and loved the conversations they had seeing as Kami was the only one able to hear It. But the loving angel Kami was was slowly slipping away. So to prevent It's only friend from changing, the Universe summoned It's power and siphoned off the darkness forming on his soul. Kami was saved and returned to the person he once was, but at a grave cost. He could no longer hear or understand the Universe.

Sad at the lost of It's friend the Universe spent It's time doing what it loved: creating. By accident it used the darkness found on Kami—which It had sealed deep in itself—and before It knew it it had taken on the form of an angel except with darker wings. And with the first bored act of time Devila was born. She was a being that spoke all that was dark. Her black hair hung straight to her hips, showing off her voluptuous figure and large breasts. Her eyes were a deep red, a few shades darker than her lips. She was everything Kami wasn't, the embodiment of humanity and all of its sins. Things that the innocent refused to talk about—sex, power, rebellion—became her entire being.

Frantic to console Devila's unrelenting taste for rebellion and power the Universe created another domain within itself and dubbed her it's ruler. Kami, who was known by many names (God, Allah, etc.) ruled "Heaven" while Devila, who over time became known as Devil, ruled "Hell".

And that's how it's been ever since.

If you fast forward a few thousand years than you would come upon the year of my death. My name had been Ai, and I was put to death for pretending to be a man so that I could fight in territory wars. When I was alive I used to hear voices whispering guidance in my ear. That was the Universe. So it was only natural that after I died that I would be kept within its very core, after all it was lonely. This has been my eternity, a lifetime of conversing with the Universe and speaking Its will to Kami and sometimes Devil, depending on if she's willing to listen or not.

So, that's who I am. That's who they are. Now that you know our back stories you may finally proceed to the story of Junsei & Ashi.

To be honest, I don't really like how this turned out. I'd rather just go straight into the story but this would save me from having to write five extra chapters just on backgrounds. Anyhow, Opinions? Hate? Like? Leave a review and tell me how you guys feel XD


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