Hey, it's River! The dark, pessimistic half of Eve's Apples XD. Don't you just hate it when people presume to know who you are and all you're about? I know I do, and so does my friend. This is for her and her idiot of a boyfriend. ...I hope she never reads this ^~^

Do you love me?

Or just the reflection that's there?

Do you love me for the clothes I wear,

or do you love me for the reasons that

cause people to stop and stare?

Do you love me for the way I talk,

or for the voice that you know

resides in my thoughts?

do you love me for me,

Or is my reflective image all you see?

Do you love me,

or the person everyone thinks I am?

Encompassed in this dark shadow

that people call doubt,

I can't help but to believe,

to wish,

that you love me for who I am.

Or am I just the reason...

that boundaries...

are there,

Lurking in the mirror...

Lurking in the mirror

that slants

your perception of me.

So tell me,

because I want to know.

Do you love me for me,

Or just the faulty shard posing as a wannabe?

Review with criticism, hate, love, or whatever you may please. Just no super bunnies please. Dey break my computer screen when I don't feed them cookies. O.o