Title: One Moment
Authoresses: NoChristmasJokesPlz and ANT-chan
Rating/Genre: Romance/Drama/Humor/NC-17 (for SLASH - which means lots of GAY - foul language, a smidge of violence, and sexual situations. Warnings may change depending on chapter.)
Summary: Sasha Adelais has resigned himself to the single life at an early age. He's awkward, nerdy, short, and distressingly girly. Not dating material. Or at least, no one but Aiden Patroclos has ever seemed to think so. M/M

One Moment

Epilogue: Matched

Mona edged into her room, her camera in hand, and the practiced, often genuine smile immediately dropped. With a sigh she leaned back against her door, turning the past few hours over in her mind as she listened to the muffled chaos just outside.

There'd been a few close calls over the years given well… everything in their lives, but she'd somehow managed to get Sasha through it all none-the-wiser. (Kendall had been the same way up until he'd met Sam. She'd seen no reason to keep him from finding things out on his own.) Mona could count on both hands the number of times she'd had to actually tinker with Sasha's memories to keep him safe and happy. And every time, she was wracked with guilt. She knew he would have to find out sometime. He wasn't a child anymore.

But a certain demon threatening to eat him was not the time to sit him down and have The Talk – the not-sexual version.

"Zyrin," she sighed, a tense, exasperated smile curving her lips. She would really have to have a talk with that man. Too many times he had threatened to eat a member of her family, usually poor Nivri. And too many times he actually sounded serious in his intent.

Perhaps she should warn him about what would happen if Nivri's father ever found out about Zyrin's horrendous behavior.

Or if his grandmother ever found out. Her smile returned. Oh, yes. That was what she'd tell him. Nothing put the fear of god into unruly demons like the wrath of the original Navit redhead.

Feeling a bit better with her plan in mind, Mona ambled over to her dresser, where her camera case was sitting. She smiled as she flipped through the pictures she'd taken over the course of the evening, congratulating herself on another year well spent. The costumes had worked perfectly this year. And she'd actually been able to get a few of Sasha smiling even in his dress. Thanks to Aiden. That boy had somehow learned the secret to making her baby smile… even when in his hated dresses.

The door creaked open, and the Adelais' mother looked up. "Oh, Keres! I was just putting this away. Sorry, I'll be back out in a-" Her words died in her throat. Keres was not smiling. The smirk she had gotten so used to seeing was no longer present. In fact, she would say the Patroclos matriarch looked downright unhappy. But it had not crossed over into anger yet, it seemed, and the older woman simply leaned against the doorjamb, her gaze calculating. "Is something wrong?"

"What, pray tell," Keres began, her tone oddly calm and succinct, "did you do to my son?"

Mona's heart dropped into her feet. 'Not again,' she sighed inwardly, but aloud she only plastered on a happy face and tone. "Hm? What are you talking about? And haha which son are you talking about?" Dread filled her as Keres' expression only hardened. No, there would be no talking her way out of this one. She knew the spark in her eye. That was pure protective, maternal instinct. She'd have to resort to other methods. Again.

"Aiden. Who's been walking around looking like he's been given a concussion for the last hour and a half. What. Did. You. Do?"

It took everything she had to keep her smile even. It took only a moment to muster up the power she needed to tweak the other woman's memory. Not that she wanted to. Keres Patroclos was fast becoming a dear friend of hers. And this felt like a betrayal in every sense. "I didn't do anything, Keres. Let's just forget about it, and go back out to the party, okay?" All it took was a mental push, and the familiar haze went over Keres' expression. She waited, patiently for it to clear, and for Keres to start back up again like this whole conversation had never happened.

Keres' face screwed up with concentration, just as Aiden's had (this family was too stubborn!) hours earlier. But the moment it cleared… things went wrong.

Very wrong.

The martial artist blinked, but her eyes were no more fogged than they'd been when she'd entered the room. An incredulous smile spread over her lips. "Did you… just try to Glamour me, Sunshine?"

'That… isn't supposed to happen…' Mona pushed again, with all her might this time. "No, Keres. Go back-"

She didn't even get to finish this time, as Keres waved her hand in front of her face, as if she were warding off a particularly annoying insect. "Oh, knock it off. Those don't work on me."

Mona ceased all attempts. "They… they don't?"

"Not the mind-tweaking kind. They never have." The cold expression finally shattered, and Keres laughed heartily. "Though it does explain a lot. I've been catchin' shimmers out of the corner of my eyes all night. Your sister has a particularly good one up. That skin color almost looks like real body paint!" Mahogany eyes narrowed once more, but this time they were sparkling mischievously. "So what are you, huh?" She didn't wait for Mona to get over her shock. "Hmmm… madali, maybe? Dear li'l Sammy keeps givin' me that madali vibe. Or neronae? Yeah, yeah, I know, they're called neronaestis. But that name's too damned long. Definitely not sirsha… oh! Maybe your one of those nymph things you guys have here! What are those called?"


"Yeah, those!"

"Nope." Mona bit her lip to keep back a confused, but also entertained giggle. This was definitely not how she had expected things to turn out! But… it seemed Keres knew more than she gave her credit for. "So… you know, then? About…" She gestured vaguely. "All this?"

"Sunshine, I'm Greek. Greece is a lot like the Isles in that sense. Small country, kinda isolated, given the moutains. And almost half the population that has more than four generations of Greeks has something not human in their family tree somewhere, whether they know it or not."

The shorter woman tilted her head. "And the Patroclos'?"

"Honey, we're homegrown Greek."

Well. If that wasn't a euphemism…

Mona smiled secretively. "Well… then I guess you could say I'm homegrown Navit."

Her friend rolled her eyes. "Yeaaaaahhh. But what are you? Come on!"

"Nuh-uh. Wanna tell me how you can throw a Glamour off like it was nothing? Homegrown or not, that's not easy."

Keres smiled proudly. "Papa always said I was too stubborn for those Jedi mind tricks. Well, he never called them that. But ya get my point. We're pretty resistant in general. You shouldn't have been able to Glamour Aiden like that. You must be strong." Her eyes narrowed again, but Mona only shook her head. "Oooohhh," Keres pursed her lips, but the smile was still evident in her eyes. "I'll find out what you are one of these days. You dirty secret keeper!"

"You're keeping secrets too, Ker~," Mona sing-songed. While stubbornness would have been a factor… it wouldn't have let her push the Glamour away as easily as she did.

Her accusation got her a smirk. "Maybe."

They were at an impasse. And, if the look on Keres' face said anything, neither of the minded that much.


The loud squeal bounced from room to room, breaking their brief stare down. "Oh, looks like the excitement's started up again." Keres motioned towards the door. "Shall we go make an appearance?"

"Yes, let's." From the sound of it, she had a certain sparkly redhead to hug the life out of. Her giggled as her friend adjust the fluffy wrap around her shoulders, opening the door with all the poise and elegance and attitude of a Hollywood star. But before she left, she cast a pointed glance over her shoulder.

"And Sunshine? No more Glamouring my son without permission. 'Kay?" And then she disappeared back into the fray. Mona watched her go, not sure if she was supposed to feel both threatened and amused by that or not.

ANT-chan here guys... For the last time on One Moment, Act One.

This scene wasn't in the original, but neither were all these mind-fuckery scenes either. :D They were supposed to come much later, and so we felt you wonderful people more than deserved a bit of extra explanation to tide you over.

So yes. There are some strange things lurking in the family tree, as it were. :3 But then again, we haven't been all THAT subtle about it, so some of you have caught on already.

The only term that really needs to be explained (we're not explaining the species Keres runs through just yet. :3 They'll be mentioned and explained in future works, don't worry.) is "Glamour." It's a term that's widely used in a lot of fandoms. I came across it in the Harry Potter fandom first, but I've also seen it in things like the Avenger fandom. But it's actually a real term. It comes from the Wiccan faith, and is used to describe a wide range of spells that are supposed to alter one's appearance, from anything as simple as eye color to something as drastic as complete shape-shifting to conceal oneself.

In our case, we use it as a broad term to describe the enchantments that nonhumans (who can't naturally pass as human) use to conceal themselves from the blissfully ignorant populace. This also includes fail-safe type enchantments, such as being able to tweak the memory of another person so that your secret is safe.

There are limits on it though, since it's based on the power (both mental and spiritual) of the individual.

(This does not, however, actually mean that Keres is more powerful than Mona. XD Mona has far more raw ability.)

But enough of my ranting! This is the last we'll see of OM for a little while. On here, anyway. Panda and I are still writing backstories and other things that star the Patroclos family and the Adelais family. :3 Thank you all so much, again! We couldn't have asked for nicer readers!

ANT-chan out!

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