Chapter One:

Liyvrea Ames

There were faces in the shadows, and Hannah is aware of it. She knew that those couldn't just be figments of her imaginations. Living with her sister for almost five years and a decade had taught her a lot of things, things that were too surreal to believe in, yet couldn't be unreal.

The silence stretched on, and the eyes seemed to watch her every move. She closed her eyes shut, but even in the dark surroundings that welcomed her from under her eyelids, she could almost see them… and hear their whispers.

Stop! She wanted to yell, scream, and open the light to drive them away. But in doing so, she would have to risk opening her eyes and moving through the darkness of her room. Just the thought of it scared the daylights out of her. What if they try to touch, or worse, hurt her when she did move?

The whispers grew more urgent. The unknown faces were speaking in different languages she couldn't understand, but it seemed to her that the languages were of ancient origin. Just then, a memory came to her, so vague that she racked her brains hard to remember it. Slowly, it took shape in a girl about her age, a girl of the same, blonde hair, yet of different piercing dark, blue eyes. The blue irises leveled on her own green ones, as the girl spoke.

"I will not let anyone, anything, or any creature harm you. Liyvrea ames olos gefras seme ane…"

Her eyes snapped open. She was suddenly able to catch whiffs of the whispers.

"Liyvrea ames sela sonofre asleuia…hasuelo Liyvre ames!"

"Sela moreisa, Liyvrea ames? Sela sena!"

Liyvrea ames… those two words were common factors in the spoken conversations. And she had also heard it once from her sister…

They were talking about me! Her eyes fluttered open. Her twin had told her once that Liyvrea ames meant 'the sister of the soul eater'. And it meant her.

"No!" She sat up straight, and immediately, the voices hushed. The room was silent, except for her breathing and the tick tocks of the clock. She scrambled out of the covers and turned on the light.

"Get away from me! I swear I'll tell her, I swear! She'd kill you all!" Hannah screamed and shrieked as tears fell down her eyes. She didn't know why they're talking about her, and it only makes her scared even more. After her voice got hoarse, she collapsed into a heap near the door and the light switch. Sobs shook her fragile, body. She was feeling sick, sick as a puppy, and had never been as strong as her twin was. She wished that she was in her twin's place, in her twin's shoes, so that she couldn't be worrying about everything that concerned the ancient soul eaters, and the faces in the shadows that whispered about her.

A knock from the door jolt her. "Hannah?" A voice came from outside. "Are you alright?"

That was when she realized that the whispers and faces had disappeared long before she had even turned the light on.

"Hannah? Open this! What's keeping you?" Hannah could tell that the voice was getting impatient.

"No. Just…stay away from me. I need to be alone," she drawled listlessly and wiped her eyes with her fingers.

Then she heard the lock click open. She was sure that it was lock, but even if it was, her twin sister could open it with her sharp, pointy fingernails that extend and retract anytime her twin would wish.

"Oh gosh, what happened?" Her twin had found her, slouched miserably against the wall, with fresh tear tracks on her cheeks.

"Didn't I tell you to stay away?" Hannah waved her sister's hand away.

"Yes, but… you were screaming. What happened? Can you tell me?" There was the sharp contrast of concern and reprimand in her twin's voice.

"It's your fault," Hannah said, green eyes turning deep with mixed anger, confusion, and fear. "The faces in the shadows, they were always talking…talking a-about m-me." She stammered as she tried to choke on her emotions. But then the tears came again.

Her twin inhaled sharply, and cupped her face, while rubbing her tears away with two thumbs. "They were what?"

"They were talking about it. I couldn't understand anything about what they were saying, but I knew that their language was from an ancient origin. They… they all said Liyvrea ames along with other words like sena sela and other whatnots." She ended with a sob that turned into weeping.

"Shit! Since when this had been happening?"

"T-three—" She hiccupped. "Three weeks ago."

"Why aren't you telling me?" Her twin's tones were sharp. "I will never forgive them."

Hannah's sister suddenly stood and pulled her up. "Come, we have to do something about it."

"W-what? W-where?" Hannah rubbed her eyes with her fists like a small child who has just finished crying.

"To my lair." With that, Janna pulled her out of the room.

Hannah's hairs stood. To her lair… to the place where a lot of lost souls dwell. Her twin sister Janna is bringing her to the very place where she could hear whispers, too. But surely, she would be protected there. But still, as Janna opened the front door and led her outside their house, she shivered.