Chapter Two:

Malice-filled Revelations

Torchesgave light to the rather depressing dark of the cave, though it cast shadows along the rough walls where stones jut from. Just like the shadows that had scared Hannah, Janna thought. She sighed. The place was warm, yet being inside it made her cold and forlorn. The orange and yellow of the fires blended naturally with the pristine ash-colored surface of the cave.

"Janna, please, take care of your sister. She's not as strong as you are…"

"Remember that your mom and I love you and Hannah. Please take care of yourselves. Now, go…!"

Janna tore her tear-streaked eyes away from the torch she had been staring at to gaze at Hannah, who was sleeping soundly in fetal position on top of the carved stone dais at the center of the cave, illuminated by the moonlight shining through a big hole on the cave's ceiling directly above it. She wondered how different their life would be if their fate was different, if their family didn't come from a clan of soul eaters. There were a lot of what ifs swirling in her head. What if their parents hadn't died? Janna let out a sigh.

She was still young then, probably only seven years old. Too young to be the audience to a gruesome killing, the murder of her own parents, and too young to be held responsible for her twin sister, who was resenting her for all of their problems.

Janna, enough! She told herself as she violently wiped her cheeks with her hands and stood. She had to connect to the spirit world while Hannah is still asleep. Or else, her twin might suffer another nervous breakdown again, as she had when they arrived at the lair earlier.

She took a deep breath, and began singing in a beautiful, angelic voice. "Liyvrea, Liyvrea soha me…lea…" As she sang, she lifted her hands and twirled her fingers, as if weaving something out from the air.

"Liyvrea, Liyvrea soha me…lea…" She repeated the chant again and again until a shape made of neon white, green, purple and blue lights appeared in front of her. Slowly, the lights melded into a silver flute, streaked with gold and purple accents. Janna snatched it as soon as it had formed fully, ending her song in a high note.

"Gelia!" She excitedly squealed, hugging the instrument close to her chest. She had missed her flute terribly. She hadn't been able to use it the past few days because there were no intruders. Using it would only call their enemies' attention, and she had already risked enough of her powers. She was about to 'awaken' it when a voice from behind her spoke, causing her to jump in surprise. She quickly hid her instrument inside her sweater.

"Is that your instrument?" A baritone voice droned. Janna snapped her head rather harshly to be able to view him. The guy chuckled. "You seem so flustered."

Just when she thought that there were no intruders. But she had probably lured him to her when she was calling her instrument.

"What are you doing here? This is my lair!" She growled as she fully turned around to face him. She pulled her flute out her sweater and pointed it at him.

"Whoa!" He raised his hands, palm facing upward in a sign of surrender. "I didn't come here to fight." The glint in his eyes and humor in his tone contrasted sharply against his action and solemn face.

Janna scowled. "But I would if you'd annoy me, Archard. Now, go away. I don't want my sister to wake up from her peaceful sleep just because you came here for nonsense."

"Your sister?" He asked, putting down his hands. "You mean your twin sister?" He looked around and found the girl lying on the dais. He was about to approach when Janna stood in her way.

"I'm warning you," she muttered, giving him a stare that simply meant don't-mess-with-my-sister-or-you'll-get-what-you-deserve.

"I'm not harming her," he said simply. "I'm here to protect her."

Her grip on her flute tightened. "What are you talking about?"

"The Dark Spirit wants both of you dead, Janna. Especially your sister. It is prophesied that once her own soul eater abilities awaken, both of you would grow more powerful."

"No!" She shouted, but when Hannah moaned, she stole a glance at her sister who changed position and whispered. "I don't believe you."

"You can say that to me, but remember the whispering shadows?" His eyebrow raised at her flute.

"How did you—" Janna gasped. "You're spying on us."

"Yes," he admittedly blatantly.

"How dare you!" She lifted her flute, which suddenly glowed red, meaning it has been 'awaken' and that its master wants it to fight.

"Stop!" He prepared to conjure his own instrument. "As I've said, I'm not here to fight. I have lots of news from the Old Soul."

"What did he say?" Janna slowly lowered her weapon, but not her defenses. He might be just waiting for a chance to strike, and she had to be careful for that.

"The new moon is approaching, Janna. Larin is soon to awaken."

Janna dropped her flute, the metal producing a cling-clang sound, before bursting into sparks and disappearing into thin air.

"L-Larin can't awaken." Her knees felt like buckling down.

"I know, I know," Archard murmured, and pulled her to sit on the cold stone floor.

"I-I can't believe that the prophecy is coming true. I… I thought it was just a joke or something."

Janna groped for words to say, but no sound came forth from her lips.

"Janna?" Hannah called.

The two stared at her, but only Janna had sorrow in her eyes.

"Larin is soon to awaken," she remembered Archard quoting awhile ago. And without warning, tears fell down from her eyes and she began to weep.


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