These are true accounts of God's amazing supernatural deeds,

As recipients described them, after time, since planted seeds

Bore great fruit. God had the answers planned, before the supplications

Or experiences came to be. So here are those narrations:

Jason set his heart on giving God a most unhelpful brand

On a TV show, because he simply didn't understand

God was real, as was creation. He manipulated two men

Who believe in God or didn't. Both responded, being human.

They were set to make appearances, both on one episode.
Jason planned to use a set of questions he'd made up, to goad

Them to make the Lord look bad or fake. Before the filming, Jason

Checked his hair, with mirror, washed his hands and shook them in the basin.

He was walking down the corridor, to where they'd film the show.

But before he reached the entrance to the TV studio,

He distinctly heard a voice addressed to him, with no-one else there,

Which was reaching out to Jason, caring for his spirit's welfare.

It said, "Jason, if you take this step, I'm never to return."

He looked everywhere, and saw nobody. He could not discern,

Who it was, and wondered whether he was on the brink of breaking

Down emotionally, despite the step he'd been prepared for taking.

So he did the TV show, but not according to his plan.

Soon his moderate involvement was recorded in the can.

Though he wasn't really sure at first just who had voiced the warning,

He would not dismiss God lightly then, as truth came slowly dawning.

Soon he realized it was Jesus talking gently, with a call,

Not unlike the one He made so long ago, which came to Saul

On Damascus Road. Saul changed his name to Paul and did the writing

Of some Bible letters. Jason too accepted God's inviting.

He's a pastor now, like someone else, who bears the name of Mike.

Thirty years ago he told the Lord to take a short term hike,

For the night, and in the morning, he'd be willing to consider

Jesus' calling. For that night a party was his highest bidder.

So he went and tried the party, drank that alcohol he'd brought,

Put some drugs inside his nose and took a proper inward snort.

When the stuff had run its course with every wild hallucination,

Something else replaced the haze: a vision just like Revelation.

Mike was taken to the future in his mind, and saw his fate:

Death by 2nd resurrection's angel swords. He'd been too late.

In the future, he looked back and saw the night he'd been so hearty

To indulge in drugs and alcohol with preference for the party.

Jesus spoke directly to his mind, without drugs to enhance,

And He warned him, "Mike. This really is your last and final chance.

If you ever play with drugs or drink again, you've seen the distance

It will take you down. I'm here to help you save your own existence."

Mike asked Jesus deep inside his heart, and quit the drink and drugs.

When I tell this to a friend of mine, he shakes his head and shrugs,

Tries to say that God's existence is no more than my perception.

Maybe Lloyd's adventure might remove that Satan-born deception.

Lloyd took youth to other countries with an outreach as the goal.
While the mission team were sleeping, someone hit their camp and stole

Their expensive camera, wherein they had hidden every dollar,

That they had; which came to 20 grand. The sweat filled poor Lloyd's collar.

He approached the youth, with confidence, that God would answer prayer

On those matters which would bring him glory. Then they took the care,

To consult the Lord with prayer, that he would set about restoring

Their lost camera and the money. Yet the outcome still seemed boring.

There was no sign of results, and after days of nothing, Lloyd,

Though encouraged by his fellow staff, became somewhat annoyed.

Then one morning, he unlocked the van, and saw the reappearance

Of the camera, with the money, thanks to Jesus' interference.

Lloyd is sure an angel brought it back, to strengthen Lloyd's belief,

And positioned it inside a locked up vehicle. Now the thief

(To this day) must still be wondering just how those two things he'd looted

Disappeared. For doing miracles, our God's the one best suited.

There's an end time war, and Satan's trying everything he can.

In my workplace, she who set herself against the Christian man,

Had her carpet (hers alone) all flooded, then copped laryngitis,

In the space of weeks, when I took prayers of mine to where the fight is.

There's no need to fear the spirit world. Though voodoo's very real,

And those other tools of Satan (sometimes fancy to conceal,

That that stuff is purely evil); standing ready to devour;

None of that can match a fraction of the Lord's almighty power.