Tuneless Melodies

In the night I stood,
time whence silence ruled.
Yet I paced to the beach,
it's filled with nature's life,
and the endless strife,
that mankind has never reached.
I drew a deepest breath
of salt from a passing breeze,
savoured the tiniest flavour I could seize.
Of all I could sense and feel,
there's nowhere quite as much
like a home, as the bays are,
where waves roll in to whisper to me.
I am alive.
I am forever alive
A/N: This poem was written for a competition on a site. Not expecting it to win, but yes, always good to give it a try. It is about writing a poem in the style of a certain famous poet. This was supposed to be a write in the style of Pablo Neruda, don't know if mine fits, tell me if it doesn't, and in what way I can change it to fit her style. Thank you for reading!