I blinked and saw Angel standing over me, and I picked myself up and just stood there mesmerized as Angel felt her head.

" Hey, why am I bleeding?" I could hardly speak all I saw was her eyes, still black with her iris slowly coming back to normal.

" You… Ghost… Possessed…" She stood there and looked at me like I was crazy.

" Hey, whoa, you okay?" I shook my head and fainted, again. I could hear but I couldn't see anything.

" Mrs. Bradstreet! Help!" I tired to tell her no, that I was fine but I couldn't talk or see. I heard my mom running up the stairs and she gasped.

" What happened!?"

" She, um well fainted."

" Thanks Angel I couldn't tell." She was silent and I tried to open my eyes but my body wouldn't respond. I felt her pick me up onto the bed and my head be propped up. A cold liquid went down my hair and onto the rest of my body, I gasped and my eyes flew open.

" There… Angel, go get me some milk." I smiled, milk… It will always be my favorite. I heard her thumping back up the stairs and my mom leaves after making sure I'm not going to faint again.

" Hey, are you okay… What happened?" I looked at her terrified.

" You… were possessed…" She had a confused smile and she laughed nervously.

" No… No I wasn't…"

" Yeah, you were and it was Sarah she was all like free me or die." Angel's eyes became wide and she mouthed and an oh. I nodded and looked out the window, it was getting dark.

" What time is it?" She glanced into the bathroom and read the clock.

" Um… 8:49." I nodded and closed my eyes only to see my reflection in her mirror from earlier. I shot my eyes back open and regretted any magic I had ever done…

" Hey, do you want to go to bed I'm kinda tired?" She nodded and looked at me with pleading eyes.

" Um… I kinda don't want to sleep alone because of what happened… Can I sleep with you?" I nodded and was relived she asked. I didn't want to either. We are so close were like sisters, so sleeping in the same bed wasn't weird. She almost ran over and jumped on my bed. We laid there and both of us wondering what would happen once we fell asleep. As I was thinking I closed my eyes and led myself into dreamland.

I told you I would come Maria. Adelaide is in judgment right now, so its just me… I loved you and as I slowly died I felt your love. My silver blade led me into the eternal place, and I want to be left alone. So… your job… and Angel's… is to come into the spirit world by death. Then I will send you back when you've freed me and Adelaide. Kill yourselves and I will bring you back when I'm done with you… See you soon… I love you Maria… Your alarm clock is going off. The song Jar Of Hearts was playing as I jumped and woke Angel who was curled into me.

" Did you have it?" She looked at me with a dreary look and nodded. I sighed and laid back down. She put her head on my arm and started to cry. We act like lesbians but all we are is sisters, really close sisters.

" I don't want to die anymore Maria… Now that we have to, I don't want to." She cried harder and I who never cries started to tear up.

" It's going to be okay Angel, really it will be…" She nodded but continued to cry. I wanted so badly to comfort her, but I couldn't. How could we come back after dieing? It's impossible, it has to be.

" How are we going to get there, the blade or what?" I sigh, I didn't have a freaking clue.

" Well we cant do something that the doctors couldn't wake us from, even though it wouldn't be them waking us. So no guns."

" Yeah, so how about overdose?" I nodded. That would work and we both popped pills all the time so it wouldn't be anything new.

" When will we- you know."

" Tomorrow night?" She nodded and we had made a decision.

The next day dragged by slowly as we prepared for our deaths. Cleaning my room for the paramedics took awhile, my room was quite frankly a mess. When that was finished we grabbed all the meds we could find and dumped them into a punch bowl, almost filling the top. The plan was this: At about four in the morning we would split the bowl and down them all. As we lay there dying, we would go. Freeing Sarah and Adelaide from whatever needed freeing was to happen as they put us into a coma. Then after we finished we would awaken from our coma. Then deal with the mess we left behind. So… here we go.

-Hours Later-

" Angel, well see you on the other side." I struggled to make a smile and my heavy breathing stopped.

" Maria…"Angel was only a few seconds behind me, she had taken a few less then I did. I opened my eyes and I was standing over our bodies, Angel next to me. I could see right through her and when I looked in the mirror I was startled to see that I had no reflection. Everything was so easy to see through, it was almost a grey. Walking around the house I kissed my sisters' heads. Walking, or well, more of floating, we stalked into my parents room. Brushing my hand across her face I whispered a goodbye… Then we went and did the same with Angel's family. After we were finished we turned to see Sarah, her as plain as if she never died.

" Sarah!" Running to her I embraced her in a hug and sobbed.

" Why Sarah!? I loved you!" Grabbing her face in my hands I couldn't hold her, she and I were just mist. Nothing more.

" Time to go." I nodded and Sarah led the way for me and Angel. A portal opened and we stepped through, disappearing in the light.