Here it is. As promised, the prologue to Crystallized. I'm actually already done with chapter one, I just need to revise and edit it.


Her hair glistened in the coming light, a fine black gloss that shined like a raven's feather. "Isabel Isabel Isabel..." He whispered to his lover, his words a caress with the power to create and destroy her. She turned to him, her otherworldly indigo eyes flashing in the moonlight. There was no love in those eyes, only fear. His hands made their way along the pearl skin of her collar bone. Leaning down he planted a kiss in the curve of her neck, his voice speaking into her skin with decadence. "Do you not realize how much I love you?" He whispered.

"Onishi no nata." She spoke, her voice a melodic mixture of low and high, perfect in its essence.

"I know my love, I know." The man replied, his light hair brushing against her neck as he pulled back. His eyes flashed an eclipse red and his pupils turned to slits. "You are one of heaven's creatures and I am one of the devil's liege. Our love is forbidden."

She truly was one of the heavens, her skin glowing with a faint radiance. The sight of his half form didn't bother her anymore than it disturbed her, but those futile emotions remained absent on her face. Swallowing she attempted the language he spoke so fluently. ""

The demon gave a fond chuckle, and he kissed her forehead. Pulling away he smoothed her hair back while looking in her eyes with such gentility. "I know," He whispered, his eyes softening back into that rose color. "I know."

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