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She was waiting for him. He always came, and he would continue to come. Tonight would not be any different.

The expensive silk of her nightgown billowed along with her long vibrant hair. Her hair as pale as moonlight, shining with its iridescence.

"You should not be waiting outside in such weather, my love."

A small smile graced the young woman's face as pale arms wrapped themselves around her middle, his face leaning down to rest in the crook of her neck.

"'Tis not that cold," She replied, her eyes taking in the soft crystalline flakes that began dancing down, skirting along her but not once falling upon her person.

His body shook with a silent laughter, she could feel the ghost of it upon her skin. Feel it with every sense of her being that was connected to him. All of her. And it made her happy, allowing her smile to widen.

"You are stubborn," He said. "but that's what I love about you." His fingers ran through her unique hair, following it down to her waist. "I love everything about you," He whispered into her ear.

Turning in his embrace she gazed up at him, her amethyst purple eyes and snow white hair glimmering in the moonlight that somehow reached through the thick blanket of clouds. The single braid that was tucked behind her ear lifted up in the gentle breeze, its turquoise ribbon flapping between them.

"Akhala," He breathed, his words misting in the air. Then ever so gently he brushed his fingers over hers eyes, closing them. And then she was gone.

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