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Full Summary: THIS IS A CONTINUATION TO SUMMONED! READ THAT FIRST! Harley has now been used as payment to Jeff's deal. Now in Slaiden's world, she vows to find a way home even if she dies trying. But Slaiden isn't going to make it easy for her, not when he has plans for her. Will she find herself living out the rest of her days in the arms of a demon or back home where she belongs?

Well here it is, the sequel to Summoned! Thanks for all the great feedback on it, your nice reviews mean a lot. I'm glad so many of you are interested in what happens next so without further adieu, here's the first chapter of Bound!

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Note: Story is in Harley's POV unless stated otherwise in chapters.

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Chapter 1

It was over in a second. The darkness fades away as quickly as it came, replaced by a blinding light. I shield my eyes to protect them from the harsh light, unconsciously turning my head into Slaiden's chest. The vortex of wind starts to die down now that the darkness is gone. I feel Slaiden's chest expand as he takes a deep breath, no doubt reacquainting himself with his world. Realizing that I will have to face reality sooner or later, I slowly open my eyes to adjust to the harsh lighting. Blinking a few times, my new surroundings come into focus.

A small gasp escapes my lips as my eyes widen. I had been expecting to be surrounded by the fires of hell, not what I can only describe as some sort of grand hall. The room was large, possibly able to fit five hundred people comfortably. The walls surrounding us were made of white stone. They looked smooth and fairly fresh but I'm sure they are actually thousands of years old just well kept. Towering glass windows are set in the east and west walls as well as a gigantic chandelier hanging from above. I can also see that the room is five stories high. I know this because in every space where a level is, there are a row of three evenly spaced archways leading to be what I can only assume are hallways. "Odd, where are the stairs?" I think as my eyes travel over this strange sight. Then it hits me. "Duh, Harley, they're demons. Why builds stairs when they can fly." Intrigued by my new, strange discovery I go to examine the rest of the room. I immediately stop when I notice the row of five demons standing at attention a few yards ahead of us. How I missed them to begin with I have no idea but now reality really hits home.

I'm about to study them when Slaiden finally lets me down. My feet softly touch the ground as I stabilize myself. Slaiden keeps his right hand firmly on my shoulder, forcing me to stay close. Not that I'm going to object this time. I'm in a freaking whole different world, like I'm going to try to run…..at the moment anyway.

"Lord Slaiden, we welcome you home." greets one of the new demons as they all bow.

This demon that spoke is the one in the center who takes a step forward. Focusing on him, I take in his features. Like Slaiden, he is considerably attractive, but he appears to be older, middle-aged. He is also on the taller side, maybe an inch or so shorter than Slaiden. He has light blond hair that appears to be a bit past shoulder length, loosely tied back at the nape of his neck. His cat-like eyes appear to be a light lavender color. Despite the pretty hue, his eyes show a no-nonsense seriousness. He's also wearing a long black robe like the rest of the demons. Their robes remind me of those worn by priests only demonic with deep purple trimming with several odd gold symbols sewn in the lapel.

"This is a welcoming sight, Kes, very welcoming indeed." Slaiden replies.

The demon named Kes nods in understanding then turns his attention to me. His hard gaze makes me want to cringe but I hold my ground. "I see you've brought something back from your venture, my Lord." Kes states as his lavender eyes study me. I can feel the others do the same. All these eyes are making me uncomfortable but when Kes's eyes come to my face, I meet his gaze to show I'm not intimidated. His eyes slightly widen at my bold gesture. "Something most interesting in fact."

"Yes, my payment." Slaiden replies smoothly. I don't have to look up at Slaiden to know he's smirking.

Kes raises an eyebrow at this with a few of the other demons giving curious looks. "A human, my Lord? This is…unexpected."

"My reasons are my own." Slaiden says with a colder tone, "With that her name is Harley Collins. As my property, she will be treated with respect otherwise consequences will be severe."

"Forgive my questioning." Kes apologizes with a deep bow. The others do the same. "We will do as you command."

"As you should." Slaiden states then looks down at me with a slight smirk. "Now I will be retiring for the evening with my prize. It has been an eventful night."

My eyes widen at this, fully aware at what Slaiden has in mind. I knew by going with him that this would be my fate. I just wasn't ready for a life as a sex slave. Glaring at him, I'm about to speak my protest even though it matters little. I'm on his turf now. I don't get the chance, though because Kes speaks again. "My apologies Lord Slaiden but there are some pressing matters which need to be addressed immediately."

Slaiden gives a low growl in annoyance which causes me as well as the other demons to become uneasy. Apparently an annoyed Slaiden is dangerous no matter if you're a human or demon. Glaring at the demon named Kes, he speaks. "It can wait until morning."

Kes's face remains solid as he insists once more. "I insist we discuss this now my Lord. A lot has occurred during your absence."

"So I have heard." Slaiden growls out. His eyes narrow in irritation at Kes. Slaiden then looks to me, thinking. I'm silently hoping this Kes guy has some influence on Slaiden so I can have some space to think. Slaiden's golden eyes study my features briefly before looking back to the other demon. "Hnn…Come to my study Kes. Hilmesh, take Harley to my chambers. The rest of you are dismissed."

All the demons bow at this order. Three turn to leave besides one who I take it is Hilmesh. He appears younger then Kes, possibly closer to Slaiden's age but this is only by appearance. For all I know they are all thousands of years old. As Hilmesh comes forward I note his grey blue short hair and gold eyes. From what I've seen so far, demons can have an interesting variety of hair and eye colors. (Decided to go with anime-like color qualities for a bit variety) I can't help but find these otherworldly creatures beautiful but I know underneath they are evil, dangerous beings. I'm snapped out of my observations when Slaiden grabs my chin, forcing me to look at him.

"I'll be seeing you later." He says before nipping my ear.

"I'll be waiting." I reply sarcastically, letting him know full well I haven't submitted to him yet. I note Hilmesh's golden cat eyes widen at this, clearly surprised a little human like me would disrespect his lord like this. "Oh you haven't seen anything yet dude." I can't help but think as I step away from Slaiden. Slaiden's eyes narrow but I can see them shining with amusement, enjoying that fact that I still have some fight in me. Not the reaction I wanted but knowing that I'll be away from him for a while is satisfying enough.

Without another word, Slaiden takes to the air with Kes following close behind. I note Kes's wings are black like Slaiden's, wondering if all demons wings are black. They fly up to the third level, going into the center opening. Once they disappear from sight I turn to Hilmesh. We stare at each other silently for a moment, sizing the other up. I look up at him, noting he's around the same height as my dad, possibly 5'9". I'm not sure to be scared of him or not. Even though he was ordered not to hurt me, I don't know what to expect from another demon. One like Slaiden is bad enough as it is.

I debate making the first move but he does instead. With a smirk appearing on his face, he speaks. "Pretty bold of you, human. Most do not get away with such attitude around Master."

"He hasn't killed me yet. I think I'm good." I retort back, growing a bit bold around this demon but still cautious.

Hilmesh's smirk just widens. "No he hasn't. He must like that sharp tongue of yours to ask for you as payment."

"You have absolutely no idea." I think sarcastically. Then aloud I reply, "I don't care what he likes. I don't even want to be here. I want to go home."

"This is your home now girl." He responds, the amusement gone from his voice.

"We'll see about that." I say, not caring if he knows my goal to escape. It's not like he hasn't guessed it already.

He doesn't respond to that statement though, just telling me to follow. I'm surprised he doesn't try to pick me up to fly but then maybe he's not allowed to. Slaiden may not want other demons touching me due to his possessive nature. He must trust Hilmesh though because we just walk silently at a small distance to the wall with all the archways. We walk over to the right corner and come to a stop. I notice we are standing on large, square black tile. There are more strange symbols etched in the hard surface. I look up at Hilmesh with a raised eyebrow in question. He just stares down at the tile with his right hand away from his body, palm facing the tile. Suddenly he says a few words in the same strange language I've heard from Slaiden. His hand glows a feint red color. To my amazement the symbols carved in the tile start to glow the same color. Next thing I now, the square tile is lifting itself from the ground.

"Whoa!" I yelp out with a slight jump as we start to float upwards. I inch closer to Hilmesh, nervous at our growing height. Normally I don't mind heights but this is too unexpected not to. It's over before I know it though. We come to halt at the fifth floor. Hilmesh gets off first then motions me to follow. Seeing that it's officially stopped, I step off as well. We start walking down the candle lit stone hallway silently. I soon break it, giving into my curiosity. "Umm…what's with the magic elevator-like things if you all can fly?"

"Not all demons fly." Hilmesh answers simply as we walk.

"Really?" I ask, growing more curious by the second. "How come?"

Hilmesh looks at me in the corner of his eye, possibly intrigued by my prying curiosity. It makes me question if he was expecting me to be silent and submissive about all of this. Not happening. A small smirk graces his lips again as he answers. "Let's just say it is a cruel and unfortunate fate to lose ones wings."

A shiver runs down my back at that statement. The image of one demon's wings being ripped from his back by another fills my head. I must've made an odd face because Hilmesh's smirk widens to flash a fang. I'm not sure if I should ask any more questions after that so I just let us walk in silence for awhile. It doesn't last long because surprisingly, my demon leader breaks it. "You may ask more questions if you like. I understand this is all foreign to you."

"Really?" I asked in surprise. "I would think you demons don't like us humans from what I've seen."

"Correct," He replies with a smirk. "We do not like your weak race but you have your uses. I'm only tolerating you because your spirit reminds me of my mate. Being bold will get you far in life."

"Uh thanks…I think," I say, considering it a compliment…mostly.

"Hmph," Hilmesh grunts out of amusement. "Do not expect compliments often, girl. Most demons will look at you with disdain. The only thing keeping you alive in this world is because you belong to the Master."

Suddenly my anger that had momentarily disappeared rushed back up. "I do not belong to him! I am my own person!"

Hilmesh looks back at me with dull eyes, becoming serious. "You can deny it all you want but it does not matter. Lord Slaiden's word is law. Your fate was sealed the moment you were given up as payment."

"And what fate is that?" I ask fuming, "to live the rest of my life as his damn sex toy?"

Hilmesh doesn't even flinch at my bold words. "That," he replies, "I cannot answer. Only Master can."

I don't say anything more. It's obvious that Hilmesh can't give me the answer I want. I don't think anyone can anymore. We travel the rest of the long hallway in silence, taking a few turns while passing several paintings and stone doors. I can only tell the doors apart from the wall because of the raised stonework with detailed carvings for boarders. Magic seems to be the only way to open them. Looks like escape will be harder then I originally thought if I can't even open a door by myself.

We finally come to the end of the hallway. In front of us is large double stone door. It towers over us, reaching the ceiling. Hilmesh places his right palm on the door then says more demonic words. Like when Slaiden has locked doors in my world, Hilmesh's hand glows a deep purple. He then steps back and the doors slowly open to the inside. I follow Hilmesh inside cautiously, not knowing to expect if this is Slaiden's room. I step into the room and take in the sight. The room is large, able to easily fit 50 people standing. There is a large bookshelf what takes up most of the east wall as well as a small, elegantly crafted wood table with a pair of matching blood red cushioned armchairs. There is a large bed in the middle of the room which makes me flinch at the thought of me being in it. The bed looks to be able to fit five people comfortably. It's covered with what looks like black silk sheets with blood red trimming. The two windows on either side have matching drapes. "Must be his favorite colors." I think sarcastically as I continue to visually explore the room. On the left side of the room there are two doors made of wood which I can only assume are a bathroom and closet. "Well that's a relief. At least I can open some of these damn doors." I also note the hanging chandelier that casts the room in shadows.

"This is where I leave you." Hilmesh states from behind me, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I look back at him and simply nod, unsure of what to say. Sure Hilmesh was somewhat nice to me by actually talking to me but I know I will not be able to count on him as a friend here. He seems to be an important figure to Slaiden so I doubt I can confide in him no matter how much he says he 'tolerates' me. While he doesn't seem as serious as Kes does, I can tell he won't be extending any favors. Hilmesh must sense this as my brown eyes meet his gold ones because they reflect understanding of how things are and will be. Without another word we break eye contact and he steps out, sealing the door behind him.

I'm alone now. Completely alone. I'm tired and sore and stranded in a world of demons. I have no one here I can trust or even really talk to. Tears that I have fought so hard to keep since coming here are now flowing freely. Deciding I might as well get some sleep and a much needed cry, I walk over to the looming bed. I stare at it for a moment and reach for the covers but stop myself. I don't want to go in there just yet. That's what Slaiden wants me to do. Shaking my head to rid myself of the demon's perfect smirking face, I walk over to the chairs instead. I collapse into the large chair, letting the soft cushioned fabric comfort me as I curl up into a ball. I close my eyes and will my tired body to rest. My last thought is of hoping that Slaiden doesn't come anytime soon.

-------------------- ( Third Person POV ) --------------------

Slaiden welcomed the feel of his dragon hide desk chair as he sat down in his study. The room was filled with ancient books, scrolls and artifacts. Everything was just as he left it. Not wanting to get too comfortable, he turned his golden eyes to his standing advisor to get down to business. After all he had a most desirable women waiting in his bed for him.

"Report." Slaiden simply orders.

"Seeing as that Janner's message was delivered successfully, you are well aware of Nagal soon becoming lord in place of Lord Relfin." Kes replies.

"Yes," Slaiden retorts with cold eyes, not liking the mention of the other demon. "There better be more to this otherwise you are dismissed."

Sensing his lord's displeasure of the subject, Kes gets right to the point. "The passing is to take place on Lord Relfin's 4,000 birthday which will take place in five days. While the people believe this to be because of Lord Relfin's wish for retirement, I do not believe this is the truth."

Hearing this accusation causes Slaiden to raise an eyebrow, intrigued. "Hnn…..I myself had pondered this over in the human world. 4,000 does seem to be a bit young. After all, my own father was 5,694 before I killed him to success him. If I had not, he would certainly be Lord well into his 7,000's if unchallenged."

Kes nods in agreement before continuing. "And Nagal is not his ideal choice for a successor but I believe time is against Lord Relfin. He is dying."

"So that poison has finally reached his heart." Slaiden comments with amusement. "That old curse he received in battle during my father's days wasn't a myth after all. A most rare way to die though not honorable. It is understandable he seeks retirement before the people catch wind."

"Yes, the lord wishes to save face. Though why he wishes to suffer with the curse is beyond me. When one is cursed by Elvina, I can only imagine it to be excruciatingly painful." Kes adds.

"But admitting that would show weakness. There are few ways to kill our kind Kes but there is no honor in dying slowly. Weakness, which Relfin never shows, would not bode well in our eyes. Let him hide himself away in his last days to save our eyes the pitiful sight. Nagal in power is more of my concern." Slaiden retorts with disdain, eyes hard at the thought of the greedy demon.

Kes's usually stone face actually cracks a smirk at hearing this. He can sense the plotting behind his master's words. "Ah, you are plotting Master."

Giving a dark fanged smirk of his own, Slaiden decides to clue his advisor in. "Correct, it is well known Marik is better suited as lord. Nagal in power would threaten his very own lands, easily conquerable if war is to come. I prefer Marik as an ally in battle when there are bigger threats on the horizon."

Kes raises an eyebrow in question, not following. "My Lord, are you speaking of--"

"Yes," Slaiden interrupts. "Lord Cantor's power has been growing these past decades. I foresee him to be a larger threat to my lands then Nagal or Marik. With Marik in power, our defense would at least benefit. Therefore I plan to deal with Nagal personally in the pending future. The spineless male is a disgrace to our race, unacceptable to be lord. Relfin, the coward, will actually thank me."

Kes nods at his lord's cold words. When Lord Slaiden is all business, it is certain he will do what he claims. Nagal might as well be considered dead where he stands. "I can imagine so Master."

Satisfied that the matter was addressed for the time being, Slaiden changes subjects. "Any other matters Kes that cannot wait until morning? My patience is wearing thin."

"No my Lord." Kes replies. "But I will inform you that your mother will wish to see you soon now that you have returned. She will no doubt have questions regarding your newest…acquirement."

Slaiden gives a growl in annoyance. If he were to have to explain to anyone his reasons for requesting a human woman as payment, it would be his mother. The only way his mother would accept Harley and not give him grief would be her to see the girl prove herself. She has done so to Slaiden so he was confident she would earn a rare sense of respect from his mother. The matter of how would remain to be seen. Turning his attention back on Kes, he inquires out of interest. "You are still curious of the girl."

"Yes," Kes answers honestly, knowing his Lord was making a statement, not a question. "This is a first from you, my Lord. The council and I were taken aback seeing her with you."

"My reasons will be made clear soon enough," Slaiden responds. "That is all you need to know for now."

Kes bows in respect, having no choice but to accept his master's answer.

Satisfied with the submissive gesture, Slaiden rises to his feet. "You are dismissed until daylight."

Kes bows once more, murmuring a 'Yes, my Lord' before heading to the exit. Just as he reaches the door, his lord's words halt him.

"Kes," Slaiden coldly states, "Next time I say it can wait until morning that is what shall be."

"I understand Lord Slaiden." The older demon replies than hastily exits, never looking back.

Slaiden's eyes flash as the doors close behind the other demon. "My absence has made him bolder than before. He must remember who he is dealing with. I am not my father, he knows there are boundaries. Next time he dares try to influence me, I will not be so lenient. It would be a shame to lose such fine strong demon…..time to retire. My reward waits."

After glancing over his study once more, Slaiden leaves as well. Slaiden's golden eyes gleam as he makes his way down the deserted hallways, empty due to the late hour. Thoughts of Harley waiting in his bed instantly urge him to quicken his pace. He soon makes it back to the main hall then flies up to the fifth floor where his prize awaits. He uses his wings to silently glide along the passage ways. Within moments Slaiden is upon his chamber door which he has not seen in weeks. Using the opening spell, the heavy doors part for his entry.

The dimly lit room is a welcomed sight. Slaiden's eyes instantly fall to the bed. They sharpen when he does not find Harley in it. He quickly discovers her fast asleep in one of the large armchairs. "I was gone longer than expected, how disappointing…no matter, I suppose sleep is best for tonight. Tomorrow night will not be as forgiving to you little girl." Slaiden thinks with a small smirk as he walks over to the girl. He effortlessly scoops her up into his arms and carries her over to the bed. He lays her down then crawls in next to her, dismissing his wings. Pulling the still sleeping young woman into him, Slaiden relaxes. He allows himself to finally sleep for once after lacking it so much in the human world. Thoughts of what was to come tomorrow are his last thoughts before he allows sleep to over take him.

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