I have never been so selfish
as to want to prevent you
from making any friends.
But that's because I love you.

I have never been so jealous
from you just talking to
some of your precious friends.
Isn't it because I love you?

I have never been so possessive
as to want to keep you beside me
for every single hour of the day.
Is this really loving you?

How could I prevent you from
so many things, and to demand
all that I desire from you?
But I really do love you.

Love has made me selfish,
this I know very well.
But I can't help it!
Jealousy is always there!

I don't want you to be taken
by someone else than me.
I don't want you to be friends
by anybody else than me.

I don't want you to talk to
anybody else; I only want you
to myself—but I know that
you'll never be happy this way.

I've never thought of your feelings,
thoughts, and emotions or needs
because I've been too caught up
with my own delusion of love.

Now, when I tell you that
I want you to be happy,
I doubt you can be happy anymore,
for I caused your unhappiness.