I know I'd be meeting you again in three days

And that has already taken my peace of mind away.

I'm restless on the inside in a way that words can't express.

I think of all the things to come and I'm in distress!

Oh I know exactly what will happen-

I'll be walking down the memory lane.

And you'll be floating on the sky,

Your new love giving you a high.

You won't even bother to look down at me.

Even if you do, you'll act like you didn't see.

You'll talk loudly to get my attention though.

You'll smile and laugh to let your happiness show.

And I'll pass by you, completely frustrated,

Angry in a way that I've always hated.

Then I'd blame myself for three more days,

Sing sad songs and try to write my pain away.

And then I'll be anticipating the next meeting.

This never-ending cycle makes me mad at everything.

I'll think of what to do and what not to say.

And that's how you'll take my peace of mind away!

A/N: this came off my 5 minute study break-slash- 'lemme practice rhyming' time. Lol. So I'd understand if this sucked :P