One day I went to the store to buy some apples when I notice that there's a pile glowing on the produce stand. I went to take a look and read the label...


"That's weird, Fuji apples don't glow," I said

"Excuse me, do you spend time talking to yourself?" said one of the patrons

"Shut up!"

Finding those glowing apples interesting, I decide to purchase them without thinking about any possible consequences it might bring. I mean what's the worst that can happen? The apples does look pretty harmless... Later that night, some neighborhood kids start making some ruckus that I couldn't sleep and I thought the alarm from my clock radio was bad. With that I went downstairs to confront those kids when I notice something strange. I turn and saw a pile of apples glowing bright green and that's when a light bulb appears...metaphorically anyway. Knowing that one of the best ways to shut those kids up is by giving them something "cool and interesting", I went to the kitchen and took one of the glowing apples. Then I got outside and yell, "Hey kids, I have something to show you!" The kids turn to me and their eyes then starts to focus on the apple. I threw the apple to them, hoping that one of them will catch it, causing the other to fight over it (Seeing kids fighting over something happens to be one of my favorite past times). But unfortunately...things doesn't go the way it should have...

The apple explodes and many pieces of the kids soon splatter all over the neighborhood. The next morning I carefully bag those apples, drive all the way to the Hudson River and dispose the mini-WMDs. Once I got back, I turn on the television and there's a news going on about radiation being discovered in the Hudson River. They believe that some of the radiations from Japan may have found it's way to the river somehow which is weird because there's none in the Atlantic Ocean. As of now they're continuing the investigation until they can piece all the puzzles together to find out what really happened just now.