Chapter Three:

After a day of attempting to feed the crying baby, and trying to get it to just calm down enough so that I could see why it was crying in the first place, I felt exhausted and ready for bed. Luckily, the captain gave me permission to stay off my regular duties as cabin girl and focus on getting the child back to health. It was in a horrible state, after floating on the water for who knows how long, it was nearly starved to death for one. For another it was pale, as if drained of blood, and as the day went on it never stopped crying, although it did seem to go down in pitch as if it was losing energy, getting weaker. This really did scare me and I didn't know what to do, I didn't quite know what to feed it. I do know that it needs its mother's milk, but if that is gone then does regular milk suffice? Or can it eat and drink normal food? Can I feed it a banana? Do I need to make it into mush to feed just that to the baby? I knew it needed to eat, but I didn't want to give it anything that may hurt it.

Finally I just took my chances and hoped it was old enough for a bit of a banana. We don't exactly have anything much on the ship, we don't have any milk because it goes bad quickly and we don't have anywhere to store it on the ship to help it last longer. But I think that when we go into port for a raid next, I'll have someone grab some milk, it won't last long, but it'll help. So I fed it the banana and it seemed to be ok with that, all the while I just hoped and prayed that the baby was old enough for it.

After feeding it, the baby stopped crying for maybe five minutes but then went right back into a tremor. At least I wouldn't have to be worried that the cries were disturbing the other crew members, or even the captain and Anthony. My room, well mine and the babies anyway, was more of a closet space. I wasn't given regular quarters like the rest of the crew who shared bunks in a large sort of sleeping hall under deck. Instead the captain saw it fit to give the worthless "piece of rubbish" the pantry, it's also below deck but is very small, even smaller it seems now. But the pantry used to be made up of one large room with shelves all around, but then when they took me as captive, and the captain refused to get rid of me and kill me, they raided a town of gold and then went into one of the their own cities which was built by the pirates, for the pirates, and had work done to the ship—making the pantry into two smaller rooms.

The room that the baby and I were sharing is kind of separated from everything else, so no one should be able to hear the babies screaming calls, which is a good thing mostly because of Anthony's threats; he is a bone headed man, but he does take care when it comes to his promises.

After feeding the baby and it starting to cry once again, I tried to figure out what was wrong. I mean, it must be tired, it has to be but with all the crying there has to be something else that's bothering it. Thinking of what my mother used to do when my sister cried, I made a list in my head of what babies have to do. They must eat, we all eat, and then if they are still crying then they might be sick or they have some type of irritation such as a rash. And then it hit me, it was wearing a sort of clothed diaper thing. I probably needed to change its diaper.

I placed the baby on the mattress that was on the floor next to the wall and then placed my single pillow beside it, propping the baby so that it wouldn't be able to roll off the small mattress and hurt itself. Then I walked out into the small hallway that connected my room and the other half of the pantry and grabbed one of the clothes that were used for wiping down the railings. I knew exactly where they were because all of the cleaning supplies that I use for the ship were in the pantry. So I grabbed a few rags, walked back into my room and began fixing the problem.

Afterwards, I placed the extra rags nearby so that I wouldn't have to go and fetch them if I needed one in the night. I then discarded the dirty diaper into an extra laundry bag, which I also got from the pantry closet. I finally picked the baby back up as it was still whimpering and began rocking it in my arms. It's eyes drooped and it seemed to slowly be going to sleep. I felt so satisfied when I made a small bed for it near my mattress with some extra blankets, also from the supplied pantry. It stayed asleep and I was finally able to go to sleep myself.

For the first time in seven years, I woke not to Anthony yelling for me to wake my lazy butt up, but to the baby waling for attention. I decided to feed it once again with bananas, because that was really all we had that seemed semi-fit for a baby. I spent another hour and a half changing it and keeping it calm before it apparently decided that it wanted to sleep again. So I let it, putting it back onto it's bed.

I decided that I was going to take the chance to make sure I had the right supplies for it and went to go talk to the captain, as much as it pains me to do so purposefully.

I walked on deck and found him barking orders about the sails and how we were going in hot. I look around to realize that we were about to raid a city, right at that second.