Can I make a call
and see the friends of yesterday, family of a time long past?
Reaching out a hand to grab an arm.
I wont let it all drift away,
I wont.
NO, I wont watch as ashes drift on a wind.
Let it burn brighter, burn higher;
and I'll still be reaching into the coals, never letting go of hope,
never leaving behind all I've ever known.

Do you see me?
'Cause I still see you.
It's like looking backwards through a glass filled with water.
The picture is all distorted, but the figures are so familiar.

Can I refuse? Can I fight the drift,
the undertow, that separates us from those we know?
And space.
Clawing back,
clawing back,
only to watch as the sand slips through my fingers;
through my hands.

A fun-house mirror, a job drawing nearer,
and I am watching with eyes wide, but
paralyzed as it fades like a dream.