There's a power that grows within us.
A drive that motivates us to do what we do.
A drive that makes us dream our dreams
through sunlit days
and cold eerie nights.
It fuels and motivates us to do great things
and keeps us striving for more.
It's a thirst that cannot be quenched simply by soothing our emotions
but rather by achieving our long desired goals.
It pushes us beyond our limits
so that we can be the best that we want to be.
It's our determination, our confidence,
our hopes, dreams, and fails,
our weak and crippled mind that strive to do more
so that we can be a success.
It's the power that drives us forward
so that we can live life our own way.
And it grows in us.
And it lives, breathes, and belongs to us.
And it proves to ourselves
that life is much more than us.
It steers us clear through the uncertainty
and brings us to each new day.
For it's a power that certainly grows with us
and will eventually die with us at the end of our days.