I see the flash

The line is set

Fluids running

Loss of blood

Shot three times

Shock is setting in

The unsung hero

Never thanked

Always the one to blame

Haven't seen him in three days

But it's my fault

He won't see your 25th

Press hard press fast

30 presses 2 breaths

Hang the bag push the meds

Shock advised

Everybody clear

Press the button

A rhythm is on the screen

Call in the update

He's alive

We work all hours

Sometimes without pay

For those we've never known

We take care of all sorts

From the drunk to the dying

Car crashes to a sick child

We work hard for strangers

And our home life suffers

From strange hours and lots of stress

But in the end we know

We've helped them out

And answered our call

To be selfless once again

FD- The Bravest

PD- The Finest

EMS- The Forgotten