When nobody else believe in you,

There's only one thing that you can do-

You gotta let them know you're not giving in.

You gotta show them all that you can also win.

The only one who needs to believe in you is you yourself.

Trust your own abilities, that's your greatest help.

The world isn't working hard for you- you are.

So when they start blaming you, make their words blur.

It's your life; you're the one who's making it.

Whether you do well or mess up, it's your victory and defeat.

They have no right to tell you where you went wrong.

You are where you are meant to be, where you belong.

All they can do is accuse you for your mistake.

Don't let these losers win; don't let your heart break.

You've gotta do what you wanna do, be who you wanna be.

Believe in what you feel, not what you hear or see.

Sometimes you may end up choosing the wrong way.

But remember "every dog has his day".

When you do something right, the world is all praises.

So when they change colors, just ignore what the world says.

This stupid world will keep on being judgmental.

You can even hire some of these people for a rental!

So just ignore these jerks, don't let them make you yelp.

All you've gotta do is believe in yourself…

A/N: I hate it when people do nothing to help me but blame me when I mess up! STFU :/