A power source that enables the possibility of traveling through worlds; this we call World Reisen. In order to World Reisen, something of special value must be paid. This was the law and must be obeyed.

For years, World Reisen has been illegal. The government did all they could to hide it from the public. If many people were to transfer through worlds the census would be confused and other worlds would be corrupt.

In 1958, The Burning of Pages began. A new law decreed that all books on World Reisen were to be burned. If anyone were caught smuggling or hiding these subjects were to be executed thus, leaving our world in fear and violence.

Many years went by and the books of Reisen were almost definitely gone. Only a few people could remember or knew what Reisen was. But, just when the world seemed to have completely forgotten, Nicholaus Nixon, A Reisenist, rewrote a book on his study. He kept it secret from the public for many years but he couldn't keep it from the government. Nicholaus was charged with treason and was burned to the stake.

Although Nicholaus Nixon was dead, the government had yet to find his book. Rumors say that there never was a book. Some say it was buried down a mineshaft somewhere. But I know the real story…