There are so many dreams in my eyes.

I'm highly ambitious, I don't wanna lie.

It's kind of scary, sometimes I'm terrified.

I've broken down so many times and cried.

But I have never given up on anything.

Birds learn to fly if they keep flapping their wings.

And I wanna touch the sky.

I wanna live the dreams in my eyes!


In life, things don't always go right.

There are so many challenges, so many fights.

I have taken so many blows on so many days.

But I'm standing back up, I'm here to stay.

The hill I'm climbing is way too steep.

If I fall down, I'll fall so deep!

Which is why I just can't let go with a scream!

I will have to be strong enough to chase my dream!


Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

Then I remind myself that good things take long.

When you're counting to hundred, you don't stop at twenty.

You may miss nineteen once, but second chances are plenty.

Who said life doesn't give you a second chance?

Just believe you'll get one, and you can sing and dance.

All you've gotta do is believe.

There are dreams in my eyes that I'm gonna live….

A/N: this one is all me and my dreams :)