Genetically Modified Globe

I laid the next generation,
on these contaminated grounds,
to devour their lives as they grew,
for the world's now unnatural.

This inexorable sin,
all my children are condemned to,
are but the cruel did of men,
who willfully modified us.

Maybe there are still many left,
but numbers are slowly dwindling.
With time as the marker and rule,
an eventual extinction will come.

I laid my head down and rested,
there's nothing more for me to say,
How can I, a small butterfly,
do anything to change this fact?

A/N: This is a poem written about GM Food which are affecting the biodiversity of harmless insects. One example is the Monarch Butterflies. The Monarch Butterflies are greatly affected by this as larvae of Monarch Butterflies grow slower and have higher death rates. Just saying though, but I think GM food isn't a way to make the world a better place to live in.