I normally don't write these kind of stories, but the idea came into my head while I was trying to fall asleep and it just wouldn't leave! It starts out kind of dark, but this is a ROMANCE I swear!

It was also written from a boys point of view which I'm kind of unfamiliar with, but still, I hope I did alright!

My first oneshot (you can devour it on one go) so enjoy!

All these characters belong to me.

I found myself in front of a white door. In a white hallway. In white clothes. Yet, I couldn't remember how I got here.

Okay, I must be dreaming. Talk about inception—is Leonardo DiCapprio going to burst in and try to make me spill all of my deepest darkest secrets?

So naturally I open the door. Because, I'm in a dream. So it can't hurt right?

She was sitting with her back faced to me. A girl, a girl with long black hair, a little tan and also wearing white. When the door shut behind me, she sighed loudly, "You're late."


"I am sorry? I didn't realize I had an appointment," I shrugged. Man the people in my dreams were so bossy.

"Are you going to sit?" she gestured to the chair in front of her.

"I guess I have to."

I finally got to see a full frontal view of her. Asian descent, looked like, long black hair a little past her shoulders, uncharacteristically large brown eyes, full lips. In the real world she would be pretty.

"Alright," I sat, "Why am I here?"

She ignored me, "What's your name?"

Anyone find it odd that my own dream doesn't know my own name?

Sure, I'll play this game,"Max. Max Williams. What's your name?"


"Mona? Like Mona Lisa?" I laughed.

"Just Mona."

"Well, okay, just Mona. Why am I here?" I repeated myself. I've never actually caught myself in a dream before. Usually it seems to be beyond my control…so this was a first.

"I don't know. Don't ask me," she scoffed, "Seems like I'm the messenger."


"Well!" I slumped in my chair, "There goes that deal breaker."

We sat in silence for a few minutes.

Break the awkwardness Max, "So, how old are you?"

She raised her eyebrows at me, "Seventeen."

"No way? Me too. Do you like ice cream?" Maybe this is my conscious trying to speak to me…Could this be what I would be like if I was a girl?

"Rainbow sherbet." No. Definitely not, I hated that flavor.

"Huh, I'm more of a mint chocolate chip person."


What was wrong with this girl?

"How dare you," I fake scowled, "It is the best flavor of all time. Anything mint chocolate chip is heavenly. For example, thin mints."

"I was a girl scout," she replied quietly.

"Really? Well then, I'll by some from you. Once we get out of this room. How along are we in here? Don't they have clock or something?"

"How long we're here depends entirely on you."

Now I was really confused, "I'm sorry?"

"I said, how long we are in here depends on you entirely," she shrugged, "And based at the rate we're going. It's going to be a while."

"Well then, looks like we'll have more time to get to know each other," I winked.

She rolled her eyes.

"What kind of sports do you play?" I continued hoping to ease the tension.

"Tennis and badminton. You?" she frowned.

"Soccer. I'm team Captain actually."

"Oh, let me guess, school prep."

"A prep? We prefer the term socially active," I scoffed.

"Cheeky little…" she rolled her eyes, but I saw that small smile flash across her face, "I'm sure you had a lot of wonderful friends."

I felt a pang shoot across my chest for some reason, I couldn't answer, "I…Uh."

"Where you planning to go to? For college I mean," she changed the subject.

"I have a sports scholarship. For Michigan State."

"So you are the golden boy," she laughed, "Of course this perfectness must come from somewhere-What's your family like?"

"My family," I smiled, "My parents are awesome. Embarrassingly white—the type who wears matching Hawaiian shirts and has a white nose on summer vacations—and for some reason can put up with me, with all the crap I've put them through. They always drove me to my soccer games, always let me borrow the car, stuff like that."

"They sound great. Is that all?"

"No. I have sister," my face darkened, and my tone seemed to drop, "She has Down-syndrome. But, she's….she's so, so strong despite the crap she had to go through. But I remember hating her. I hated that when she was born, when I was nine, my parents were so keen on watching her. I hated it. They seemed to care about her so much that they ignored me. Stupid. Stupid kid," I muttered at the end.

"I don't think so," she said.

"Yeah? What do you think Ms. Mona?"

"I don't think it's fair to punish yourself for being a nine-year-old. Every child has a selfish impulse. Yes, it is horrible for hating your sibling—"

"Gee, thanks," I said sarcastically.

"But. There is a point and time where every teenager does. Every teen will get jealous of their sibling at one point at another. To single you out just because your sister has Down Syndrome is unfair. You were just nine and by the looks of it you've realized your mistakes."

I stared at her hard, she was right. I sighed, "Geez, who knew dreams could be this intense?"

She paused and looked around, "Hmmm. That doesn't seem to be it," she frowned.

"What? What are you talking about—"

"I want you to tell me about Jesse."


"Jesse? She's my girlfriend."

"Ah," she looked surprised for a second.

"Yeah. She—and I—we've been together for three years."

The pang again.

"Where'd you meet here?"

"Through a friend."

Another pang.

"I really wish you would be more specific."

"Why you're like a total stranger."

She frowned, "Well for arguments sakes. Let's say I'm your conscience trying to get you to confront your feelings and the turmoil inside of you."

"I don't have any turmoil inside me."

A dull pain started to form inside my head.

"Well share anyway because it seems like the more you elaborate, the faster we'll get out of this room. So just think of me as your therapist. I'll wear glasses if you want."

For some reason I believed her, so I sighed and began:

"I met her through my best friend, Chase, who was dating her best friend. Chase cheated on her friend and she and I collaborated to help her get through it. We went out."


Headache came, I winced. Were dreams supposed to hurt?

"Is that all?"

"Yeah, we've been together ever since." Another pang jolted inside of me, "Uh—"

The pain was almost unbearable…..

"Baby Baby, it's not really what you think," she scrambled to cover herself.

"Dude—" Chase climbed off the bed, he moved to pull his pants on.

"That sick bastard," I scowled.

"What?" Mona asked in concern, but I couldn't respond, the headache intensified and the flashback went further back.

"Hey do you know where Jesse is?" I asked on night at a Shelby Power's party. The parents were out and allowed her to have a few friends over, which naturally meant fifty friends from each school within the one hundred mile radius.

"I don't know dude, ask Chase. But good luck, the boy's so wasted you'd think he blazed or something," Mitchell laughed, he was drunk too.

Where was she?

Not in the living room, not in the pool. Some impulse made me climb up the stairs and check the rooms. It was so crowded. People were dancing, some were making out, some were so wasted that they were hardly there anymore. None was the person I wanted to see.

Then I heard it.

Above the booming bass I heard her voice. The third room on the left.

"Max?" Mona slid her chair so that she was directly in front of me. She leaned so that she could my eyes that were hidden under my bangs, "Are you alright?"

"She cheated on me," I said dryly, "Three years and she cheated on me with my best friend."

How could I forget?

"Oh," she leaned back.

I grabbed the back of my neck and yelled, "WHAT THE FUCK? THREE YEARS AND THIS SHIT?" This was followed by a few minutes of cursing and hair pulling.

All the anger suddenly exploded.

I couldn't even control myself anymore. How could I forget that in my dream?

"You loved her," she said simply.

"No shit," I was still pissed, "What would you do if someone whom you've gone out with cheated on you with…" I stood up and threw the chair, "—FUCKING CHASEEEEE!"

This was followed by a few more minutes of physically abusing the wall. The stupid pictures and memories flashed in my mind. Those rotten images needed to leave.

They needed to disappear.

I thought I was over it.

She had gotten up and gotten another chair and set it down again, this time next to her, "Tell me."

"I don't fucking know? I'm a guy. Think about when you've been in a relationship," exhausted, I collapsed onto the chair next to her.

"I," she hesitated, "I've never been in a relationship."


"Seriously?" I looked at her, "How old are you again?"


"Wow, so you've never…had a boyfriend."

"No. Unless you count the stupid middle school let's-hold-hands-for-lunch-but-never-meet-outside-of-school kind of relationships."

"So you've never gone on a date? Or had your first kiss? Or had sex? Why?"

"Uh," she looked at her hands, "I haven't found the right guy. I haven't been as lucky as some people."

"Lucky! Ha!" I laughed a hard laugh, "Maybe its best. What good it did me."

"How long ago was this? When she cheated on you?"

I frowned, "I don't know. How long have we been in this room?"

She gave me a look.

"It's been three weeks. Which is why I'm being a pussy for not moving on," I groaned, "This is so uncool."

"That is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard," Mona snapped, "Men are so stupid, trying to keep their feelings to themselves and not talking. Look what it did?" she gestured to the broken chair, "You exploded. You were like a human grenade. Imagine what would have happened if you were around people."

I was speechless. Where did this girl come from?

"There's a play by Shakespeare called 'Othello' where the main character is tricked into thinking that his wife is cheating on him. In a rage, he kills his wife and then himself," she concluded.

"Yeah, it's not like I had my conscience waiting for me in a white room three weeks ago."

She sighed loudly, "You are an idiot. Just admit it, you still care about her."

"Yeah. So?"


"Because? Because three years."

"Yeah? I've had a shirt for three years and I could still throw it away."

"Yeah well Jesse wasn't a shirt. She actually came home with me and met my parents and actually accepted and hung out with my sister. She didn't just get with me for the Captain shit, she…She was…real."

"Says you."

"Yeah? What's it to you? Little miss-I've-never-been-in-a-relationship-before. What the fuck is this? How is someone who hasn't been in a relationship going to help me? There's something wrong with this universe."

She looked taken back, "I know not to let your partner go to a drinking party before me."

"What do you know? Stupid virgin."


"You women are so selfish," I half-groaned.

"Are you kidding me right now? What do you hear more of Tiger Woods sleeping with his dozens of mistresses? How about Bill Gates and Monica Lewinsky? You men are just as bad! We can't trust any of you."

I had no answer so we sat in more silence.

"What's your problem?" I finally asked.

"What? Your face," she snapped back.

"No, why do you hate men so much? I told you about me. Why are you so…messed up?"

"I am NOT messed up. You men are just untrustworthy. You only look upon women as pieces of meat."

"Yeah right. Like you girls look at what's on the inside. Tell me, do you know why I was so 'popular'? Do you think anyone would give a rat's ass if I was fat and had acne? You women are just as bad."

She was silent for a moment, "My father walked out on us. He charged up a bill on my mom's credit card and just….just left. I was seven then and I realized that the only way to succeed is through hard work. From then on, that's what I've been doing: working hard so I can help my mom pay off that debt."

Her voice started to quiver towards the end.


Without thinking I stroked the back of her head in comfort, "Man we are messed up."

She laughed bitterly through her tears, "Yeah."

More silence.

She sniffed, "You know, Jesse seems nice. I think Chase might have done something. Like spiked her drink."

"How would you know?" I raised my eyebrows, but my hand didn't leave the back of her head, "You've never met her."

"What was different is the fact that she met your family. I don't think she was kidding; girls don't stay with a guy for three years then suddenly cheat him. Plus, I've got a woman's intuition you know?"

I smiled, "If that were the case, it would make the situation better, but, I don't think I could get back together again."

"Why not?" she frowned, her lips looked so full and red—No way man. You cannot want to kiss your conscience. It's like falling in love with yourself—ick.

"Well, a virgin wouldn't know: it's gone when it's gone. It's what you girls call trust. The moment you doubt it's will never be the same again."

"What was that anger then?" she nodded toward the chairs.

"That was just frustration. You were right. It was pent up and I guess I finally needed to let it out. I was more angry about the fact it was my best friend. I was disappointed with myself. I'm sorry you were there when I unleashed the tiger," I grinned sheepishly.

She laughed, "That sounds so wrong."

Her cheeks were so flushed and rosy—stop, Max, stop don't you even dare man.

"Are you sure you're not a virgin? Because that's a really dirty thought you had right then."

"You're the one who's gross. But I'm glad you're smiling now," she smiled at me…so beautiful…the cheeks…the eyes…the lips.

I was speechless.

She caught my eye, looked away and blushed.

"Yeah," I agreed after a moment, "You were so tense when we first met. Do you feel a little better about men now?"

She laughed again, "Fine. All men aren't so bad. But you said you still cared about her?"

"Well, three years is a while to care. But I think I'm alright now."

In reality, I was alright because she was her….. Listening to me. I made myself stop. There was no way. There was no way I was falling for my conscience. That's a scary thought, falling for my conscience. Well at least she won't be able to cheat on me.

We continued to talk for god knows how long. It was so random. Shows, movies, sports, the playoffs, books, school, life, technology.

It seemed like we had eternity together.

Soon I began to question this. Whatever this was with Mona. With Jesse, it was slow; she moved from a friend then fell into relationship. Three years was long, three years of security. Three years of nice. Sweet.


This was beyond sweet.

Suddenly I was aware of everything about her, Mona: the little dimples on her cheeks, the rosy lips, the way her skin glowed against the white, her laugh. That pessimism and tough front she tried to put on suddenly melted away to show her weakness and insecurities.



"I—" I began to say, so what? If this was my conscience or a dream? It was one of the best dreams I had ever had, I was definitely going to make the most of it.

She cocked her head to the side before I could say anything, "Oh."


"It's time."

"Time for what?"

She stood up and offered her hand, I took it, she pulled me up (we had ended up on the floor after talking).

"It was nice meeting you Max Williams."



"What? No—"

"Please, I hope what we talked about really helps you," her voice broke, "Finish, find your own conclusion." She pushed me towards the door I came through.

"Hey wait! Mona! What's your full name? Will we meet again?"

She pulled close to my back so that I wouldn't see her face hidden behind me, but her voice, she was crying, "No. You can't see me again Max. It's time for you to live."

"Live?" my throat was suddenly dry, "You mean I'm dead?"

No. You mean I really did it?

"No! Not yet. Not yet," she cried, "Not yet Max. You can still live."

I turned, it caught her in surprise, I grabbed her wrist and pulled her close, "Mona! What's going on? Tell me your real name!"

She was crying.

"My name is…" she whispered her name in my ear and snapped to look for something she alone heard, "I went to the same school as you Max Williams. I am…I was… a nobody."

"You're still alive? Are you at my school?" I felt my heart beat return, my heart was pounding so loud, "Where can I find you?"

"I'm not. I'm not," she cried then winced, "MAX! Please you have to go now!"

I kissed her.

I could feel the tears fall down her face.

She returned it for a split second, then pushed me away into the door, into the hall way, and shouted, "The O'Connor Hospital!"

The door shut.

I felt a force pull me into the blackness.

I woke up in my car. On a bridge. With a pills at my side. I quickly opened the car door and fell outside onto the bridge. The bridge that Chase and I came so many times to jump into the lake. I quickly shoved my fingers down my throat and coughed up the pills I had swallowed.

I collapsed.

The words echoed in my head.

O'Connor Hospital.

O'Connor Hospital.

O'Connor Hospital.


Mona moved the chairs back to their original places. She sat down on one of them, and then looked up. That was the deal, hear the ring, and send him off. Save a life.

"Well," she said, "Happy now?"

She closed her eyes and entered the blackness of uncertainty.

I've never driven so fast in my life.

I needed to know now.

I think Chase might have done something, she had said.

I knew where he would be.

"Dude! Max!" I saw Ethan at the garage. Typical night at Ethan's house, a few bottles of booze and gambling, "Where'd you head off to? Chase said you wouldn't be coming."

"Yeah well I am. Where is he Ethan?" I slammed my car door shut.

"Chase? Yeah he's out back in the tub."

I brushed past Ethan and kicked open the backyard gate. Sure enough, he was there, in the tub, with another girl straddling him. My best friend. When he saw me, he pushed her off.


I tackled him.

I heard others yelling at us. Some were pulling on my shirt trying to pull us apart. Ethan was going on about how his parents were going to kill him over the broken furniture.

Like I gave a shit.

When they managed to break us apart, his nose was broken.

"What the fuck man!"

"Did you spike it?" I coughed out, "Did you spike her drink?" Chase stood there, Ethan latched onto his back to keep from pouncing, he spit out the blood then smirked, "Naw man. Connor did. I just took advantage of the situation."

It turned out that O'Connor Hospital was where I had been born. Something I had totally forgotten with all the events in my life.

I searched for the name.

Found it.

Room 367.


Hands shaking, I opened the door in one swift motion. I stopped breathing.

She was sleeping.

She almost looked the same as when I saw her. But thinner, paler, with an IV in her arm. I smiled in relief and collapsed onto the chair. I had found her.

Nothing was going to move me here until she woke up.

"Young man?" I woke up with a startle, a nurse stood over me in concern, "Yes ma'm?"

"I've never seen you here before. Do you know Mona?"

"I do ma'm. Just met her. She's a friend of mine"

She looked at me confused, "How odd. It's five o'clock in the morning. Are your parents expecting you?"

"N-no they know I'm here," I grinned, I was too happy, elated, "I want to be here when she wakes up in the morning."

"Uh," she looked at me as if I was crazy, "I'm sorry dear, she's not going to wake up."

Say what?

"I'm sorry?" I squeaked.

"Dear, Mona has been in this state for about a month now."

A month?

"No," was the only thing I was able to utter. The nurse left me alone in the room again, when she saw I was going to lose it. I grabbed her hand and wept.

You can't see me again Max. It's time for you to live.

I slept a dreamless sleep.

There were moments where I was only half awake. Moments were I prayed that this was all a dream. Part of me wished that I could find that white room again. To see her again.

What was I going to do now?

"Max?" she groggily woke.

"Mmm?" I groaned.

"Max? Max! How did you find me?"

"I," I began.

"Oh my god," I heard the nurse say behind me when she dropped the clipboard, "Call her mother! Nurse!"

We were left alone again.

"Max," she touched my face.

"Mona," I reached for hers, "How?"

"I don't know?" she looked so surprised, surprised, but happy, "I was in blackness. Then this…."

I wanted to touch her, hold her, anything to get close to her, "I—"

"Max? Could you please let go of my hand? I think I'm losing blood," she said jokingly, she wiggled the fingers I tightly grasped.

I laughed a hard laugh, I felt all the frustration disperse, "You little—how could you say that after all that?" Finally my patience was at an end; I grabbed her and pulled into a long, slow kiss.




I kissed her everywhere. I breathed in her scent. She was here. This wasn't a dream. She was I alive. I was alive. She had saved me.

"How?" she said breathlessly in disbelief after we had broken apart. She moved aside so that I could I lay with her, close to her as possible; I pressed my face to her hair, her forehead, all over her face.

With each kiss, I repeated her name over and over again.


"I don't know. I have no idea," I admitted when I could finally pull away for a second.

She gasped, "Jesse? Chase?"

I smiled in disbelief, how could she think about that?

"Over with. That means nothing now." I gave her another kiss on the cheek, "What about you? You couldn't tell me that you were in a coma? After all we talked about?"

She looked at me apologetically, "I couldn't. It was against the rules."

"Whose rules?" I smirked.

"The rules," she rolled her eyes, "It was the only way I could help you. I was pushing it when I told you the location. But for some reason, I'm here now….And if I ever find pills in your hands again, I swear to god—"

"Never again. It was a moment of impulse."

"I swear Max. Don't break my heart."

"Shhhh," I whispered, I kissed her eyelids," I'm here now and I am not leaving."

"Why Max? Why did you do it?" her voice broke at the end.

She was going to cry again, I wiped the little tears that had begun formed, "Anger. Frustration. I wasn't happy anymore. It was a moment of impulse. But never ever again. I finally have something worth living for."

She placed her hands on the side of my face, "You had a family Max. You have so much."

"I know that now," I smiled, took the hands on kissed both of them, "And now I have even more. I am one spoiled boy."

She was so beautiful, she was mine. I murmured, "It seems almost surreal what just happened."

"It feels like a dream," she agreed, "But—But I'm glad it happened."

"Me too," I stared into her face and began to lean in again, "I thought it was a dream. I thought you were my conscience. "

"Really? I doubt that your imagination is that creative," she whispered.

"Hmm," I pulled back and thought about it for a second, "Well. It's a good thing I have the real thing here."

She smiled, "I love you."

"Finally something we have in common," I smiled and kissed her on the lips.

What do you think? I actually really enjoyed writing this. It was a nice change of pace :D

I hope you enjoyed it!