Treasured Memories

My Treasured Memories I remember I remember I remember now

My chains of memories The way they are broken, is the way they are going to come back I remember I remember I remember now

My friends My family My home My life I remember now I truly remember now My Treasured Memories

My Chains of Memories The way they were broken, is the way they came back Now I remember Now I remember My true memories

Dear bearer of my false memories: I'm sorry, so sorry I truly am I had whole-heartily wished I could keep these memories But I was unbalanced

Remember my promise, love The day you put me to sleep To regain Remember that promise, and I will come back to you We can be together again Always

You are not a witch Don't believe those lies You are an Angel in my heart Don't believe them Because you are more than a witch to me

You are my Treasured Memory Down where I can't reach Because my old memories overtook me Wait.
I can still reach you All I do is remember the promise myself.