The look of realization in her eyes will haunt me forever.

"Grandma, I'm a lesbian."

The impact of my words hit her like a speeding bus.

She would never see her first grandchild,

whom she held in her arms as a baby,

walk down the aisle.

I would never marry,

not because I don't want to,

but because the government doesn't want me to.

They believe I am immoral, disgusting.

They say my marriage would destroy

the social structure of society.

They say I don't deserve rights as a human being.

Those people vote to decide my future.

And it terrifies me.

What will they do next?

Will they protect me from the hate crimes I might endure?

Will they deny me other "inalienable" rights

that so many take for granted?

It sickens me that we live in a society

that would willingly vote to take my rights away.

I am gay, but I am also human.

And this is all that should matter.