Once upon a time, a time long ago, when even your great great grandfather wasn't born, there was adventure. And, as I think you should know beforehand, this all doesn't happen on planet Earth. Instead, it happens to an unknown planet (to you), the planet Fabuv, which is a long distance away. All this, even to a magic-used-to planet, happened quite suprisingly and unexpectedly. And I believe, you will find it so as well.

Chapter one

Everything was dark. Just a tiny light. At the corner of the room. Atleast, Alice thought it was a room. The only thing the light gave, was a wall. Alice was afraid of the dark. She crept towards the light. Then, when she was only a few meters away from the light, a figure appeared, with the light shining on her. It appeared to be a woman. She had dark blonde hair, and whiteish skin. Alice looked at her. She felt her hair stand up. Somehow, she seemed to be familiar, special, and dangerous. She spoke.

' Who-who are you?'

'Me?' the woman gave a soft, fluttering laugh. ' That is not important. The question is, who are you?'

' I'm Hannah.' She lied.

' Oh, you know, it's always better to tell the truth. Let's try it again. What's your name?' She smiled sweetly.

Alice felt her will being swept away, like a wind does to leaves. 'Alice.'

'Very good, Alice. It is very important to be truthful. That just was a test to see if you're good, wary, and careful enough. And you are just perfect. You will receive your mission soon.' And with that, she vanished. Alice didn't want to get to the light anymore. It gave her creeps. But she didn't want to stay in the dark either…

Pondering this problem, Alice woke up in bed. She felt sweaty. She even had goosebumps. Alice shuddered, remembering the dream. In Fabuv, they often believed dreams were true. And what if it really was?

Alice looked in her calender. She immidiatly forgot about the two weeks till the summer holidays. She had crossed out all the days that had been. She went to the calendar, and crossed out yesterday. Another day gone! She could feel her excitement growing.

Then Alice went back to her bed. She felt sort of sleepy,as if while dreaming the dream, she had been awake and had wasted her energy. So, she went to sleep, and this time, she slept peacefully and with no dreams at all.

If you had seen her at the time, you could have seen her smiling in her dreamless sleep. Because no worry exsisted to her anymore. Because Alice was asleep, and will only wake up when the time , though that time is not far away, it isn't at the moment. And, what I said before, it will come. But not yet.

When Alice woke up, it was eleven o'clock. It wasn't normal for her to sleep lately. From the time she had woken, she had slept three hours. She yawned. Then she put her palm shells on her knees.' Oh, Saint Umelis, I embark up on this new day you have made for me.' Saint Umelis was the goddess of luck, and could hugely influence anyones life. Atleast, for the Fabuv creatures who believed in god. Alice was one of them.

Then Alice got up. She quickly put on her usual clothes, a T-shirt, trousers and a jacket, and then she brushed her hair. She went down the stairs. She could smell brownies in the air. Alice loved brownies. Especially the ones that Ridena, her mom, made. She ran to the kitchen. 'Good morning, mom! May Saint Umelis guide you today!'

Ridena smiled at her daughter. ' May you as well. ' Ridena took a pause. ' Alice…This morning I received a letter.'

'Cool! From who?' Alice was excited. They didn't often receive letters.

'From whom, not who.' Ridena had once been a teacher. ' Well. Here is the letter. You can read it for yourself.' Ridena gave Alice the letter. Alice started to read.

16th May, Wednesday

Dear Ridena, Gomav, and Alice,

I am sorry that there wasn't a warning, but I have decided to visit You. I haven't seen You for a while, and I have decided we need to bond. I would really like to go to meet all of you, especially Alice, who I have never met before. I will arrive by train on the 29th May, Tuesday, tw o'clock. I will also bring a good friend of mine, even if he is younger in years. Alice could play with him. His name is Jeremy.



P.S. May be we could all go to a picnic? I know a very nice park, nice and empty of people, but full of wildlife. Think about it.

P.P.S. One of you, send a reply soon.

Alice gave back the letter.'Who is Nicolas?' Alice asked.

' My cousin.' Ridena smiled uncertainly. 'The thing is, Alice, we haven't seen each other in years. But when we did, he was a little unusual. I think that you will think so as well, but do not mention it neither to him, neither to Jeremy.'

'Oh. Wait, what May will he arrive?' Alice looked in the letter. 'The 29th…Isn't that a eight days from now?'

Her mother nodded. ' Yes. I will have to go shopping. Nicolas is a vegetarian. Besides, I need your help. It's a thing I want you to do.'

Alice was surprised. 'Yes?'

' Can you write the reply? I will have to prepare the house. And I think…'Ridena hesitated. 'I think that's just what he expects.'

'How do you know?' Alice was bewildered.

'You are just a child, you wouldn't I feel it in my bones.' To Alice, it seemed as if Ridenas green eyes hed turned darker for a second. Ridena shook her head.'Here is the paper. Write very politely. And at the end, write 'sincerely Alice', not 'love,Alice'.' Ridena handed Alice her paper. 'And don't scribble or draw anywhere. And that we will go to the ?' Ridena smiled.

'Of course, mom! But I will just draw a picture of myself…' She laughed at the half-smile, half-threatining look in her mothers face. 'Okay, okay, I'm just joking.'

Alice went out of the kitchen. 'Oh, and Alice? Write it now. I intend to send it by this afternoon. Besides , you may have to help me clean the house.'

'Okay.' Alice ran upstairs. She went I her room. There she sat at her table. She took a pen, and started to write.

21st May, Monday

Dear Nicolas,

We all would be really happy for You and Jeremy to visit us in our home. We will start our preperations at once. We hope that You will like it here. And, of course, Jeremy as well. May be we could show You some places around here? My mother told me that You haven't seen each other for some time. We will go to the park of yours, and may be some other places. I hope that You and Jeremy will enjoy it here.

Sincerely, Alice, Ridena, and Gomav.

She folded the paper neatly in an envelope. She ran downstairs to her mother. 'Will this be okay?' Ridena read the envelope. She took it.'As fine as ever. I hope he will be pleased. Now,would you like some brownies with milk?' Ridena didn't wait for an answer. 'Well, than, run up stairs to Gomav. Tell him that it is breakfast, and that if he doesn't hurry up, there will be no brownies left.' She smiled, meaning her daughter. And so Alice ran again upstairs. She knocked on her parents bedroom softly. ' May Saint Umelis guide you says that breakfast is ready, and that if you don't hurry up, there will be no brownies left.' She fell silent. The door opened. There stood Gomav. 'May Saint Umelis guide you today! Good morning, Alice!' Alice smiled. He did as well. 'Well, let's go get it!' He took her in his hug. Then he let go. He started to go down. 'Wait! I still need to wash my hands. You go ahead, though.' Alice exlaimed. Gomav shrugged, and continued on his way.

Alice turned a round, and started towards the toilet. She went towards the sink, and washed her hands. She looked up. In the mirror. For a few seconds, instead of seeing herself, she saw another figure. With blond hair. Whiteish skin. A familiar figure. Alice yelped. Than she turned around. She touched both the air in front of her, and behind her. She could feel nothing. The dream came freshly in her memory. She shuddered, remembering the last words of the woman. You will receive your mission soon.

Alice went downstairs. Gomav was already gobbling down brownies. He didn't seem to care less of Ridena's cousin's wouldbe-visit. Everything seemed too joyful. This couldn't last. That was how it was always in the books. Things were happy, then got badder. And why shouldn't it be in real life? 'Alice, well, I was thinking, may be after breakfast you could go to Madeleine? A haven't visited her for some time.'Ridena spoke.

Alice hesitated, stopping in the middle ofa mouthful. Exciting things were happening, and when they happened, she had a reminder of her nightmare. 'Yeah…Yeah, that would be cool.'

'Good. So, I'll call to Hetikosa to confirm what you said.' Hetikosa was Madeleines mother. 'Wait…You already called her?'

Ridena blushed. 'Actually…She called me. Said that Madeleine needed company.'

'Oh.' Alice continued to eat her brownie. Than she took a glass of milk, and sipped.

She looked normal. Okay. inside her, there was a big, confused bubble of feelings. Even she, the owner of them, didn't understand them all. Part of her was joyful. She will visit one of her friends. A dear friend, Madeleine. A nice friend. Happiness. One of her mothers cousins, Nicolas, will visit them. He sounds nice enough, an he will be bringing a boy about Alice's age with him. He is a nature lover, and a vegeterian. Caution and afraidness. She is afraid of both her dream, and the beautiful woman. She has a bad feeling that she will meet her soon, wherever she , though Alice herself did not know it, eagerness. And not only to visit Madeleine, or of Nicolas and Jeremy visiting her. She was eager to meet her. The familiar, dangerous, and beautiful woman. If only she knew that she will. And that that will not only bring a great risk, but also endanger her and everyone's else's around her lives.

If only.

But then again, life is full of risks. Sometimes little risks, like forgetting to do your homework, or not understanding something. However, sometimes there are big risks, like driving while drunk, or smoking. And deep, deep in her heart Alice knew that this was one of them.

She knew. In her heart she knew. But how could she stop this?

She couldn't. Atleast not in her own eyes. And heart. Little did she know, though, that that was exactly what the beatiful woman had intended.