Authors note:

I sort of started loosing hope that someone will like this…tale. I only got one review, and that was from May Fox, a friend, so it hardly counts. Still, I will try to continue, and finally end this unorganised tale, even if nobody likes it. Because atleast, if nothing else, I will enjoy writing this tale. May Saint Umelis guide you today.

Chapter three-six days later

Jeremy stood anxiously next to Nicolas. They were packing.'Nicolas, I don't really want to go. I mean... Isn't she a girl I'll have to play with there?'

'Jeremy, pal, you won't just play there. I intend to give you both a little exercise.' His eyes twinkled as he said that. 'An exercise we did back in my days. Oh, I wish that you had learned that already, but better late then never, I suppose.'

'What kind of exercise?' Jeremy asked. 'You keep talking about it, but you never say what kind of exercise. Besides, why can't we do it together, just us, like it has been for a long time?'

Nicolas sighed. 'Jeremy, you need to learn some important things. I'll explain to you later.' Jeremy looked unhappy. Always, he thought,always: I'll explain to you later.

Nicolas seemed to read his mind. 'I will, I promise you this. I swear upon the elements.' An uncomfortable silence passed between them, or atleast Jeremy thought so. Then N icolas asked, ' Jeremy, are you ready?'

Jeremy nodded, although he didn't want to go. 'Good. Then I'll go and call the taxi.' He went to the kitchen, where their house phone was.

He came back, 'Jeremy, it will arrive in five minutes. Put your boots on, and remember your suitcase.'

Jeremy rolled his eyes. 'I've packed it a few minutes ago, and I'll just go ahead and forget it.'

And so together they went to the taxi. 'Hello, little boy. Hello, Mr.' said the taxi driver. Jeremy started to hate him. He hated to be called 'little boy', and he had a feeling Nicolas disliked it as well, being called 'mister'. But still, they went inside the taxi, and started to drive. After an hour, they arrvied at the train station. Nicolas paid to the driver, and they got in the train.

And so we arrive at one of the parts in the story where nothing really happens. So it isn't worth explaining. So, they stayed in the train until tomorrow, which is about nine hours. Then they finnaly got to their destination. Nicolas hired another taxi, and so they drove towards where Alice lived, a country by the name Karon. In a village naamed Bernuciav would meet aproxiately after half an hour.

When they got there, noone was in sight. Nicolas couldn't help admiring this house, where his cousin Ridena lived. It had a white wall, with a red slate roof. There was honey suckle on the walls, and a little neat garden. He noticed Jeremy gazing too. Then he took a step forward, and rang the bell. Jeremy followed him. The doors opened. There stood a woman with brown hair, soft green eyes, and a flushed face.

'Oh! You're so early! I thought you would be later. Well, come in, come in. Hello Nicolas. And you must be Jeremy!' She let her words flow, while they went in, 'I'm so glad to see you! It's been so long…Things have changed a lot.'

'Hello. Jeremy, this is Ridena, my cousin. Ridena, this is Jeremy, my adopted child.'


'Yes. Didn't I mention in the letter?'

'Oh, yes. Now I remember. Would you like some tea?'

'Only with sugar. Because most people don't put sugar in their teas.' Jeremy added.

'Yes, we would really like some. But, if I know you, you bake some bread as well?'

'Ye-es. Exactly.'

'Yes, so while you are making it, I would like to meet Alice, so I can introduce Alice to Jeremy.'

'Yes. Yes, ofcourse. She's in her bedroom. I think she's reading.'

So they started upstairs.

Alice, in fact, was not reading. She was thinking. She thought how Madeleines mother had looked after the prophercy night. Not really , scared and desperate. Somewhere here, somewhere here was something that wasn't right.

But right when she thought something had revealed, someone knocked on the opened. Then the man in them exclaimed, and moved aside to reveal Jeremy. ' Hello, Alice! I'm is Jeremy. Jeremy, this is Alice.'

' Hi!' she said unsurely. It was odd that he hadn't mentioned Umelis.

'Hello.' Jeremy said. He was an about fourteen years, may be fiftheenth old boy, his age the same as Alice's. He had brown hair, olive skin, and grey eyes.

'I was thinking, may be we could go to the park I mentioned afetr breakfast?' Nicolas suggested.

Alice shrugged. 'I dunno. Ask mom.'

Nicolas didn't look happy. As a matter of fact, he looked quite the opposite. 'Yes. Yes, I will.' There was a pause. 'But you should come down for breakfast with us.'

'I already had mine!'

'Well, we really do need company, don't we, me and Jeremy?' it was a retorical question. This time Alice felt unhappy. She had hoped that they would go away and she could think, but in the end she felt as if her will was gone, following the strange man, Nicolas, and Jeremy. Suddenly she recalled what her mother had said, We havn't met each other for years. But when we did, he was a little unusual. And also, Nicolas does not want us to lose it. Neither do I…He must be pleased.

That thought ran in her head, like a toxic viper. She followed them downstairs.

Seeing her, Ridena said scornfully. 'Alice, dear, I know you can't wait, but you already had breakfast.'

'Oh, no, I invited her, and she accepted.' Which wasn't completedly truek, but Alice didn't argue. 'Oh, well, in that case, you might as well have a bowl of cereal or two.'

So they ate breakfast, though for Alice it was like Re-breakfast. After that, Nicolas said, 'Delicious as always, Ridena. Do you already have a plan for today?'

'Oh, yes. It's Garthia Unjuk today. Remember?'

'Now I do.'

'Yes, so I planed to go to Karons festival, in the centre of Iaslok. There will be the fair. You know, the one Emperor Nazvir named Ruftirna.' Both Alice and Jeremy looked confused. 'What is it?' asked Jeremy, before Alice could.

'Don't you know it?' now it was Ridena and Nicolas's turn to look confused. Alice and Jeremy shook their heads.

'Garthia Unjuk in the Tykaleya-that's the elf and dwarf language-means The Peace day. It's one of the their festivals. Of course, the emperor didn't want people to do it, since he defeated the elves and dwarves, but since even he can't stop it, he has altered the people into believing that it actually means The Flaming Victory, and that they are selebrating his come to throne, instead of one of the dwarf kings, Jugnuf and elven queen, Kaijoli making peace with the dwarfs and elves, in the Filakaya Age, nine ages ago.' Nicolas told them. 'Emperor Nazvir has the power of magic, and knowledge of Tykaleya. However…' Nicolas stopped. He shared eye contact with Ridena. 'Don'tcall it Garthia Unjuk.'

Ridena nodded. 'It is very dangerous. It was silly of me to do so. I don't know what got into me. We used to call it like that when we were little. It atracts attention from Nazvir, and you have a penalty. I don't know what kind, and hope I never do.'

'Simply call it , that's what every one else will call it. It will also be written on all the posters.'

'Oh.' Alice said. 'But…But you make Nazvir sound as if he's evil. But he isn't. Nobody says he is, and every body is very happy in Karon.'

Nicolas looked sadly. 'He rarely visits any other countries. I doubt he will KaronBut you don't live in Iaslok, the capital of Gercieb. And things sometimes aren't true.' Alice's opinion changed about him at his expression. He looked so good, as if all his life he had tried to help people.

'So!'her mother said with a forced cheerfulness. 'We'll drive after half an hour, so you can do any thing you want for twenty five minuetes, and then we are going. I'll wash the dishes. Alice, could you show them the garden?' So they left the room, leaving her to wash the dishes. Her last thought was, as they exited the room, What is Nicolas planing? It's something more than a visit and a park.

'These here will be potatoes.' Alice said matter-of-factly.

'Oh, I love potatoes!' Nicolas delightedly called out.

' And this is a magnolia.' She pointed towards it. 'And this-'

'How old is the magnolia?' asked Jeremy.

'I don't know. I think it was forty seven. It is very ancient. Here there shall be tomatoes. And here there were narcissus. They faded away early.' She used an expression her mother did. She showed them the garden, as Ridena had asked to, and started to go inside.

'Wait! Wait, Alice!' Nicolas called to her. When she turned, he said, 'Alice. What grows in this flower bed?' Alice went over where he was pointing. 'I don't know. I have never seen this one before.' She couldn't believe she hadn't. It was right at the edge of the garden, at a certain point, so it was quite unseeable. Still, she had been in every place of the garden, or so she remebered. Tired, she went to her bedroom.

She still had 10 minuetes. That meant five, if , as Ridena had said, they had half an hour, but would spend five getting ready. She sat on her bed. She hoped that the sensation she had felt before would return, but it didn't. So she simply sat on her bed, thinking things over. She couldn't believe that Emperor Nazvir was evil. No, she will not belive. All her life she had heard lot's of praises for the emperor, for his cunningness, mercy, cleverness, power, and strategy. She took out one of her history books. It was all about the emperor. She had hardly read any thing yet, for she wasn't interested in this, and history happened once a month, with out home work. She decided, when she would have time, to read every thing, even those parts she had already, because then she would be able to see more clearly, hopefully. And those parts she had read, they only mentioned praises, prizes, and good works. She decided to start to read it took the book out.

Emperor Nazvir was born in the seventeenth year of the Tree Age, two ages before this one, the Salimfano Age. On the Lufando, Jalihadisi. His full name was Nazvir Frebguf Sedeelf. His mother was Hicuvi Citolep Sedeelf. His father was Nazvir Durtnaot Ledferziv.

Emperor Nazvir still lives, in the seventy fifth year of the Salimfano Age, or in his made up language, he said that it means Victory Age. For a great victory has been done. Emperor Nazvir has taken the throne over this continent, after Emperor Halidusiay of Gercieb sorrowfully died. Usually the emperors of Gurcieb took the throne only for Gurcieb, but Emperor Nazvir decided to take over the other countries from this continent, who didn't have emperors. They were: Jufadih, Yazuac, Karon, Mitilefga, Sadfre, and Funida remains. With an emperor. Hopefully, he will soon die, so that finaly all the continent will be united by Emperor Nazvir. For when Empeor Nazvir suggested this to Emperor Giewand, he refused without reason.

Empror Nazvir's childhood was very sad. His mother died of a rare disease when he was six years and seven and a half months, nearly seven years, old. His father was very strict, and as Nazvir struggled, made no move to help. When he had success, as often, his father did nothing to congradulate him. So he lived till he was twenty two years old. Then he finaly summoned his courage and departed from his father, traveling almost every where, even out of the continent, a bit. Until he learnt the meaning of life. When he returned, he left his father completedly.

A soft knock on the door. Alice hurriedly hid the book under her covers. 'Come in!'

Jeremy appeared in the doorway. 'Nicolas and Ridena sent me here to tell you you have to get ready.' He closed the door way. He heard a bit muffled 'yes' and then made it appear as if he was walking down the stairs, but actually went down only a bit. He thought. He hadn't been long with Nicolas. Only a few years. Still, he did understand often what mood Nicolas was in. When Ridena said they were going to go now, and she should go tell Alice to get ready, Nicolas had said that she musn't, and that I can go instead. But…But the way they said it, they said it like they had planed it all along.

He listened. He could hear that Alice wasn't moving. Strange, he thought. Quietly he went down stairs, and he could hear Ridena muttering about something. He listened closer, bending forward as he did so.

'-Don't understand, what you are planing to do.'

'Nothing! Well, may be train Alice and Jeremy, and fill them a bit with knowledge, but like that-'

'What do you mean- train? These days training, or ours?'

'Well, something in the middle. I won't be to hard on them, but Alice should have learned it when she was little, as you discovered her fate, and Jeremy too. I wish I had known about his earlier, instead of two months ago. So I decided to train them together, since it will save time, and also, in our days, as you remember,there were three people learning about it together. So-'

'Then were is the third?'Ridena eyed him oddly. She sounded a lot braver than before.'Where is he?'

'This time there will be only two, I think. I didn't exactly search for another, but the Feldunost finaly let me see their oracle-'

'The Feldunost? You could have gotten killed! If the emperor found out...'

'Do you want to hear it or not?'

'Yes. It's just, the Feldunost…It's such a long journey, in through Fasgeri Mountains…What did you tell Jeremy?'

'Simply that I had to go sea fishing, for some time.'This Jeremy remembered. Nicolas had been gone for a whole month. 'Yes, so I got to know a lot of things from their oracle. Some, even if important, I will keep to myself. But what I want to tell you, is that Alice andJeremy fates are strongly intervined. They will do a good task, and someone will join them. Whether friend or foe, I know not.'

Jeremy heard an intake of breath. 'Sorry, Nicolas, it's just that I feel really nervous. Alice's friend's mother, Hetikosa told me Madeleine and Alice had been wanting to listen to a prophecy. I'm glad she caught them. She also told me the propecie. I never suspected Madeleine planed Alice not just to see, but also to hear the oracle!'

Nicolas sounded tense. 'What did he say?' And Ridena leaned in, and recited, so quietlyJeremy couldn't hear. He heard a sharp intake of breath, right next to him. He turned. It was Alice. She didn't seem to notice him. Her eyes glided past him, as she thought. Then she went back to her room. When Alice was there, she took out her book again, from under the pillow. Should I take it with me, or not?

She decided that she wouldn't, but would read it now, until Ridena came up. She opened it.

And so began the lucky miracles of our continent, Federuava. There is only one other continent, Gylusirc. Emperor Nazvir was walking down the road, hungry and lonely. Then, a kind magiciam, named Kiusif Logern Bernifr gave him some food and company. He understood the great emperor, who was not one then, and decided to help him. He taught him many things. When we asked what, Emperor Nazvir simply said: Oh, a bit of fighting. May Kiusif live for ever. I shall always remember his kindness. KIusif still lives, as Emperor Nazvir personal adviser. Emperor Nazvir asures that Kiusif is well and happy.

'Alice, we have to go! Are you ready?' Ridena's voice called out from the first floor.

'In a second!' Alice called back. She hurried down stairs. There, she quickly put on her trainers and her jacket. 'Can I take my book? And magazines?'

'Of course, Alice' Ridena told her, who was ready. 'Be quick .' Alice ran back to her room, and took Restiguk Ginaleya Vubnerdic. She liked it. It was about a girl, in the other continent, Gylurisic. She had become queen whilst seven years old, because her parents were dead, and she had no siblings. There was written a lot about her later fights, how she learned to shoot with a bow, how she learned that Reliksan had betrayed her, how she struggled to overcome the evil Domeritz. Of course, none of it was true, but Alice still enjoyed reading it. She also took a blocknote, pen, twenty Guardifs and fifty Fyterins. Those were her she went downstairs. Ridena was waiting by the door, 'Every bodies already inside the car. Oh, and I took forty Guardifs for you.' 'I already have twenty.'

'Yes, well…As you'll see, you won't want to by only two things.'And she handed the money. Then she closed the door after them. 'Thanks.' Alice murmured. They headed to the car. They stepped inside. Gomav was sitting in the drivers seat. Jeremy was sitting on the left, Nicolas on the middle. Alice was satisfied. She always sat at the right. Only place left. She wondered if they had somehow read her mind, but she through the thought away as Nicolas said, 'Have you already messaged any inn?'

'Yes.' Gomav answered, 'The Red Willow.' Nicolas sat straight up. His eyes gleamed. 'Oh, it's been a long time, hasn't it? Remember when we three went their for a few nights? And there was Uverana…' he trailed away. 'What is an Uverana?' asked Alice. Ridena answered, 'Uverana is a lake. A beautiful lake. The wind gently fly's over it…The lake has tiny ripples, so gentle…The moon gleams over it…The stars as well. There is a story about it. A beautiful story. Like every thing in Uverana.'

'Can you tell it? It sounds so mystical.' Jeremy said. Ridena just winked, as Gomav told her, 'Don't spoil the surprise. They won't understand it, unless they gaze in the water itself.' Nicolas stood in, getting out of his trance-like state. 'He's right. Besides, they will be learnt their first lesson. The lesson of patience.' Ridena looked at him not exactly approvingly, but not also disapprovingly. 'Okay.' And when nobody would say any more, Alice cuddled up and took out her book.

She read for what seemed like hours, and, actually, they were. She couldn't wait for the story. Before Verin, her grandfather had died, he had told her lots of fascinating some point she got bored, and started scribbling in her blocknot. She was suddenly reminded of Nicolas's letter. 'Nicolas…Do you ever write letters?' Nicolas seemed unfazed. Then again, he was a pretty good actor. 'Of course I do! Who doesn't write letters?' So Alice kept silent for the rest of the time.

After a little while, they arrived at 'The Red Willow. The sun was already getting lower and was a little inn, all red, as it's name. You could feel the coziness just by looking at it. Alice jumped out of the car before it had even parked. 'Don't do that a again, Alice.' Gomav warned her. Alice ignored what he said, and opened the garage. There she took her black bag, and sprinted towards the little house. She noticed that despite Ruftirna- or Gathia Unjuk- there weren't many cars here. The inn was right beside a forest, and seemed a bit lonely. Nicolas knocked on the inns door. The door opened. There stood a jolly man, about Alice's size.

'Nicolas! Ridena! Gomav!' he then hugged them warmly. 'And whose this little girl and boy?' Nicolas smiled. 'It's good to see you as well, Richard.' Gomav just said happily, 'Long time since we haven't seen each other. You're different now.' And Ridena said, ' This is my daughter, Alice. And this is Jeremy, who Nicolas has adopted.' 'Oh, well, uh, come in! You, as you very well know it, are very well welcomed here.' And he led them inside. Then he sighed. 'Sorry, I keep forgetting. I'd love to chat. But I know you wish to settle in first. So…What kind of room would you like?' Nicolas answered, 'Any that is free.' 'Okay…So, would there be any protests for a room of five, five beds?' every one just smiled and nodded. 'Good, then. Martha!' he called out. A woman,his wife, about his size and with a smile on her face appeared. 'Show them their room. The one on the east side, with five beds.' Martha nodded. 'Nice to meet you. Follow me.' And they did. When they arrived at the East Point, as Richard and Martha called it, Martha said,'Will you be needing any assistance?' 'No thank you.' Gomav replied. Martha gave them a key, and said, 'Well, then I'll be leaving you.' And she vanished, leaving them to settle in.

They did that immidiatly, and then relaxed for a bit. Then Ridena said, 'I think we should go, eat dinner.' Every body agreed to that, so they went back to Richard, and ate and chatted a bit. After dinner, Jeremy suddenly said. 'Can we go to the lake now?' Alice joined him, 'Pleeease?' Nicolas shrugged. 'Okay. Why not?' Ridena looked disaprovingely at him, but the decision was made. And so they went to their rooms, took a few guardifs, just in case, and started towards the Uverana Lake.

A beautiful lake…Unlike their fate. An interesting lake. Like their fate.