My Neighbor's a Vampire


Grant Riley


It was the worst day of Max Duncan's life. Where shall we begin? How about at the beginning?

The day started bad before it even started. A huge storm whipped up out of nowhere in the middle of the night and the lightning and thunder kept Max awake. Instead of slowly and peacefully drifting off to sleep the exhaustion of a long day finally pulled him into a restless sleep full of nightmares. It was as he slept that the storm knocked out the town's power and Max's alarm clock and he ended up having only fifteen minutes to get out of bed and to school. Nathan "Barf" Huggins noticed Max's mismatched clothes and unkempt hair the minute Max walked into school and didn't hesitate to point it out to everyone else. The only reprieve the poor boy got was in the classroom, but even then he could still feel everyone's eyes on him. The stares weren't as bad as the tests, though. Every class today had a test that Max had forgotten to study for.

Cut to the walk home from school. Rather than face the inevitable teasing and taunting on the bus Max decided to walk the eight blocks home. The storm decided to make another appearance after only the second block. He tried to run, but got worn out; he tried to hide under trees, but they offered no protection; so, soaked and freezing, Max trudged his way home.

"Max, honey, you're soaked!" Mrs. Duncan screeched when Max opened the front door. "You're going to catch your death of cold!"

"I...missed the bus," Max lied. He started to take a step in, but Mom stopped him with another screech and a wagging finger.

"Don't step on the carpet! You'll ruin it. Go around to the back door and take your clothes off in the kitchen."

So I can catch my death of cold, but Mom's more worried about her carpet, Max thought to himself. Love you too, Mom.

Max walked through the back door and took off his sopping shoes and peeled off his soaking clothes until he was stripped down to nothing but his underwear. "At least I'm out of those stupid clothes now," he said to himself as he headed through the dining room to get through the living room and up the stairs to his room.

He was halfway through the living room when he stopped dead in his tracks. His mother forgot to mention she was having her book club meeting today. He stood frozen as seven pairs of eyes stared back at him. The ladies sat in stunned silence, their mouths dropped to the floor.

"Uh..." Max groaned. It took a few moments for the feeling to return to his legs so he could dash out of the room and up the stairs, two at a time. He slammed his door shut behind him and collapsed onto his bed. This was, without a doubt, the worst day of his life.

He hadn't yet heard the beeping of the moving truck backing up the driveway of the house next door. Looking back on that day he would say that after everything that had happened, that was what signaled the start of what would become the worst day of his life.